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Another “Mae” Teaser

April 13, 2012

I thought I’d share a new Mae teaser for Friday the 13th. We’re loving this manuscript. Wil and Zach and Mae are just sweet, and we adore writing them. I can’t wait to be done so we can share the whole book with everyone!

When his lips were numb from all the kissing, Zach sat back, panting, staring down at Wil beneath him. Wil was sexy. There was no denying it, or the effect Wil had on his own body. Zach was uncomfortably hard, and he could easily feel the line of Wil’s cock against him when they rubbed together. That, Zach thought, was one hell of a turn on. He licked his lips as he looked down at Wil’s chest, and his fingers trailed along the golden-hued skin, his thumbs brushing over Wil’s nipples. The moan Wil uttered was enough to send a shiver down Zach’s spine.

“You’re gorgeous,” Zach whispered. “Would it sound stupid to say I’ve been fantasizing about this moment for months?”

Wil hissed when Zach’s fingers pinched at his nipples. “No more stupid than if I admitted the same thing.” Wil’s hands slid up Zach’s thighs, his thumbs brushing near his crotch. “You look so good right now.”

Zach couldn’t help his flush. “Yeah?”


Wil pulled him down for another kiss. It was sweet and slow, and Zach was soon thrusting against Wil. He almost stopped the minute he realized he was doing it, but the low moan Wil uttered bolstered his resolve. He pulled away from Wil’s sinful lips and trailed kisses down his throat, his fingers playing with Wil’s nipples, trying for more of those gorgeous sounds. His heart was racing, his body hard and ready, but still he hesitated to let his fingers move lower, to finally touch what he could feel through their jeans.

Wil wasn’t nearly as uncertain, and he was glad of it. While he hesitated to touch, he could feel Wil’s hands kneading at the muscles of his hips, lower back, and ass. When he pulled back to take a breath, Wil panted against his lips, “May I touch you?” Touch him? Wil was already touching him, and it felt amazing. His pause must have conveyed his thoughts, because Wil chuckled, and his hands moved forward, whispering over Zach’s groin. “Touch you here?”

Zach groaned, wiggling his hips up to meet Wil’s hand. He could say no, stop things from going any further, but he didn’t want to. He wanted to feel Wil’s hands all over him, and that definitely included the skin still hidden beneath his jeans. “Yes,” he breathed, a smile quirking his lips upward. “Please.”

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  1. Carole-Ann permalink
    April 13, 2012 1:34 pm

    So tantalising! Thank you!! 🙂


  2. April 21, 2012 6:50 pm

    😀 I’m trying to keep everyone’s interest as I truck along.

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