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May 2, 2012

Mmm, dragons. I have a love of dragons. My dad used to have many figurines of dragons and wizards. I would spend hours staring at them as a kid. I collect them as an adult, too. I’m a sucker for dragons.

Which brings me to my biggest disappointment: dragon shifters in fiction.

The few books I’ve been interested in reading that star dragon shifters have been a huge letdown. 😦 I’ve sort of given up, really. Instead, I fantasize in my head about the time when I have nothing else to write and can devote my time to writing my dream dragon shifter tales. Ha, right. Which just means I have to make time in my schedule to write at least one book with dragons that I can be proud of.

Dragons are a huge part of my World of Egaea books. The Fire Elves have a subsect called Dragonlords. They form bonds with dragons early on in their lives and, eventually, they become a great weapon for the House of Fire. The Dragonlords are the warriors on the frontlines whenever there is a war to be fought. They are as revered for their battle prowess as they are shunned as possible mates to other Elves. The life of a Dragonlord is usually short and lonely.

The dragons in that world have the lizard brain. They’re huge, sweet, and pretty stupid. Maelog’s dragon, Hayden, is an adorable beast that is absolutely in love with Maelog’s lover’s hair. Darron is constantly batting Hayden away. Darron hates dragons, and Hayden adores Darron. It’s an amusing and somewhat sad relationship for Darron and Hayden that Maelog takes sadistic pleasure in watching.

Dragons are awesome, and I just wish I could see them used more creatively, given the glorious treatment they deserve. I think there may even be an anthology call in the future from Storm Moon Press. >.> A whole anthology full of dragons… oh, I would be in heaven!

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  1. May 2, 2012 11:00 am

    Any story is better with a dragon in it.

  2. Carole-Ann permalink
    May 2, 2012 5:20 pm

    Agree 🙂 Just love dragons; but I guess authors have a hard time imagining the shift from ‘normal’-sized human male to this huge, ginormous thing-with-wings 🙂 Something about mass/matter exchange, I think 😦

    G A Aiken’s Dragon Kin series is good (and funny); and she doesn’t dwell too much on the size thing. Can’t think of any others which have made an impression though 🙂

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