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Happy Kitchen Hamburgers Kit

May 18, 2012

This is going to have nothing to do with fiction, but it only happened because of Heidi Belleau. XD She posted up on Twitter this YouTube video of someone making this Japanese hamburger kit. I hunted it down, found a shop that sold the things, and waited for them to arrive. It’s the strangest damn thing. It’s all powdered, you reconstitute it with water, cook a few things in the microwave for like… 15 seconds, and then you eat it. And it tastes EXACTLY like the food it’s meant to be. I have pictures and comments for you, so enjoy!

Happy Kitchen Hamburgers. This cost me about $4.50, but because it was shipped from Japan, the shipping was steep. Still, it was worth it for us.
This is everything you get in the Happy Kitchen Hamburgers kit. A bunch of foil packets, a little spatula, and a small cup along with the mix tray.
You use the foil of the package. You cut out the little French fry container, the logo for the cup, and the little flags you attach to toothpicks for your hamburgers. So cute!
You start out with the French fries. They’re basically just dehydrated potato granules. They smell like instant mashed potatoes. It takes a couple of minutes to get everything mixed, as there’s very little water added, and then you press it into a thin sheet. The bottom is lined so that, when you turn the fries out, you just cut along the little ridges and you get mini French fries. We cooked ours in the microwave for 15 seconds since our microwave is like 1100 watts (and the package only gave instructions for 500 and 600 watt microwaves).
Then there was the meat. This, honestly, smelled like beef bullion and Worcestershire sauce. It was strong and unpleasant. It got smooshed into a little ‘hamburger’ mold.
The bread was gloopy, thing, and yeasty. It smelled like bread dough. You split it between the two remaining molds around the meat patty. Again, we cooked this for 15 seconds, and it was perfect.
The meat had this weird texture. It was sort of… gelatinous. Like a gummi bear or something. Very strange. The bread was bread, though.
The cheese smelled and felt like that cheese you get in HandiSnacks. Good ol’ processed, fake, American-style cheese product. You then had to mold it on the foil template, but after a few minutes, the stuff became firm and more like cheese, making it difficult to get it to be a perfect rectangle.
The ketchup was a little on the runny side and very vinegary. But, it tasted more or less like ketchup.
The kit all put together. Quite honestly, the cheeseburgers and fries and ketchup all tasted–more or less–exactly as they should. Textures weren’t 100%, and it certainly wasn’t hot and greasy, but they tasted like tiny hamburgers and little French fries. The cola, though, was disgusting. It had an initial fizz like Alka-Seltzer, which faded almost instantly, leaving you with this brown, flat, cola-esque fluid that was too bitter and artificially sweetened to be enjoyable. The cola tasted like a melted gummi cola bottle, only worse.



This is just a little video of me putting the product together at the very end. đŸ™‚ Enjoy!
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  1. July 15, 2012 11:02 pm

    love it want it

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