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“Angel Lost” Teaser

June 15, 2012

This one is the second dubious consent short K. and I ever wrote. It introduced the characters Jophiel–a captured angel–and Llirr, a fallen angel and prince of Hell. We gave them a hopeful ending, and we’ve tossed ideas back and forth to expand their story, so maybe… someday… they’ll get their ultimate HEA sort of ending, especially since we also have Michael and Lucifer’s story we want to tell in this world, too. You can find Angel Lost in the Love & Agony collection.

His arms ached, but they always did now. The shackles around his wrists rubbed his skin raw, but that had happened… years ago. Had it been years now? He couldn’t remember. A lot was hazy in his mind now. He looked around the room, his feet numb from him being on his knees since dawn. Dawn? Did the sun even shine in here? The small blessing was that he was made to kneel all day on the soft mattress of his captor… master. He blinked slowly, shifted, and the chains rattled, his arms kept up and out by his bonds. If he was alone, he might as well take the small opportunity to stretch.

He closed his eyes and spread his wings, the span overreaching the width of the bed. It felt so good to stretch them, the white of his feathers a little dingy. Oh, how he longed to sit in the sunlight and wash his wings in a fresh, cool brook. It was always warm here. He’d once thought it was a joke that hell was all flames and smoke and brimstone, but it seemed the angels had been wrong. Hell was Hell, and it was hot. It was too hot for him most days, but he’d grown accustomed to the discomfort, the near-constant sheen of sweat coating his body.

After a moment with his wings outstretched, the door to the chamber opened, and he quickly drew his wings in tight. Fear had left him so long ago, but his heart still raced every evening when his master returned. He ducked his head, hid his face behind his long, chestnut hair, a shudder racing down his spine as the heavy steps came closer and closer to the half-enclosed canopy bed where he waited, his wings rippling a little with uncertainty. Had his master seen his wings spread? Would he be beaten for it? Given to those who also served his master?


His name. Jophiel closed his eyes, and his wings ached to open, to feel the kiss of the sun and the touch of the wind. Long, warm fingers slid up his bare thigh, over his hip, and traced the large tattoo that spread over a quarter of his buttock. His master’s mark. Llirr’s mark.

Llirr had caught him fair and square, too. He’d captured an angel using old demonic magics, and Jophiel had been his plaything since. Jophiel, though, couldn’t figure out if he hated Llirr. Sometimes, he was so very sure he did, but others, when he was sprawled over Llirr’s lap with the demon’s cock moving inside him, those sharp teeth in his flesh, pleasure coursing through him, hatred was hard to conjure inside him.

The hand cupped his hip, the fingers teasing the mark. “You had your wings spread,” Llirr purred. That tone told Jophiel all he needed to know.

He would be punished.

“I’m sorry,” Jophiel whispered. “They… just ached. I only wished to stretch them.”

“Perhaps it is time to cut them from your body.”

Jophiel had thought fear long past, but those words were like ice through his blood. His head snapped up, panic in his eyes as he stared at Llirr’s lovely face. The wide, black eyes, full lips, sharp cheekbones, and golden skin… Evil could be so beautiful. “Please, no… no, Master, please…” He could hear tears in his own voice, his eyes stinging. Could he still cry after all this time? “Not my wings.”

Llirr’s eyes examined him with such intensity that it made his cheeks flush even brighter, and he began trembling. Was Llirr really going to shear his wings off? His voice died out into a whimper, tears streaking down his face, falling to the soft, cotton sheets. He was about to start weeping in earnest when he saw something shift in Llirr’s face. Was it just his imagination? Were the tears obscuring his vision? He couldn’t bring his hands to his face to brush them away, so he just blinked several times, trying to clear his vision as Llirr drew closer to him. Closer and closer until all he could see were those calculating black eyes and wisps of white hair.

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  1. June 18, 2012 2:41 pm

    OK I am hooked on this story— more Please!

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