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“On the Edge” Teaser

July 13, 2012

K. and I are working on a short story for the anthology, Fraternal Devotion, at the moment. Twincest is one of our niche kinks that we enjoy writing, but don’t indulge in often. This anthology gave us a perfect opportunity to delve back into that niche. This is the story of fraternal twins Andrew and Ben, and I’m loving it so far. 😀

The music was loud, fast, and the smell of sweat and booze wafted up from the dance floor to the upper catwalk. Below, a throng of men danced, limbs flailing in time with the hard beat. Blue, purple, and green laser lights panned back and forth over the dancers, strobe lights near the DJ booth creating an almost frightening mass of writhing bodies. From his vantage point, Andrew could easily pick out his brother in the center of the whole mess, half-naked, flushed, and rubbing between two men much bigger than himself. Another night of clubbing. Another night when Ben would party sober, and then drag Andrew’s wasted body home.

Andrew kicked back another shot of whiskey, and then pushed off the railing of the catwalk. He had to piss. Pushing his way through the crowd in the upper level, he tried to escape. The bathroom, rank with piss and come, was a welcome respite from the vision of Ben. He locked himself into the stall, pissed into the toilet, and then fished into his jeans pocket. His fingers closed around the baggies, and he pulled them out. In moments, he had swallowed another tablet of ecstasy and was looking around the stall. Damn the lack of flat surfaces. He flushed the toilet and stumbled out of the stall.

The countertop was wet. Quickly, he used wad of paper towels to sop it all up. Bone dry. He needed the counter bone-fucking-dry. As the base thundered below, Andrew laid out a line of coke. Careful. Had to be careful with the ecstasy and booze. Too much and he’d be dead before he hit the ground. He bent to the counter and snorted up the line, straightening as the sting spread through his nose, the rush flooding his brain. He stared at himself in the mirror, his eyes bright, drugged, and his nose red from all the rubbing. A laugh bubbled up inside him, half-crazed and drunken. But the beat of the music pounded through him, brought the vision of Ben into his mind, and he groaned.

Goddamn it! He closed his eyes, trying to erase the image of his twin dancing, wet with sweat, laughing and happy. It didn’t matter. Nothing he did changed it. Nothing he tried put out the fire he felt inside for Ben. Just thinking of Ben’s lips, curved and full and damp had him hard in his jeans, a desperate whine in his throat as he stumbled into the nearest stall. The room spun as he sprawled on the toilet, fumbled with the fly of his jeans. It wouldn’t help, either, but maybe… maybe this time it would be different. Maybe one indulgent moment of jacking off, drowning in all the intimate moments he had of his brother would put an end to the torment that had been dogging his steps since he turned fourteen.

Ben, young and scared, spread out across the bed in the room they shared. Ben, kissing him, whispering that it was all right. Ben, assuring him no one would know. Ben, moaning into his mouth as they touched, tasted each other. Ben—


In the middle of pumping his cock, Ben’s voice filtered through the din in his head. He panted, staring at the door of the stall. His tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth, and he watched Ben’s shoes—he’d know those shoes anywhere—stop just outside his hiding place. Ben turned to face the stall door, and Andrew swore Ben knew what he was doing.

“Andrew.” Ben’s head thumped against the door. “Let me in.”

“Go away,” Andrew slurred. “Don’t need you yet.”

Ben was quiet a moment. “Yes, you do. Open the door.”

Andrew clenched his eyes shut, his head throbbing in time with the bass of the club, his cock hard, insistent, and his heart bleeding as desire rose inside him so potent as to choke him. “Ben, I can’t—”

“Open the goddamn door,” Ben hissed.

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  1. July 16, 2012 9:56 pm

    Sounds hot so far— would love a full book about gay twins. I think that is the closest connection two people can have and no fault in the sexual connection. Starting out sharing an egg in the womb would draw the guys together to be as close as possible. No wonder the sex is so intimate.
    Please longer that a short story— love it so far.

  2. July 16, 2012 10:01 pm

    Cary — This is an anthology of short stories surrounding brotherly incest. I think we’re one of two submissions that involve twins, specifically. I think. XD

    Eventually, I want to write a longer story with twins. I have one in mind with twins who become involved with a third lover that I can’t wait to write!

    I hope you like On the Edge when it comes out! 😀

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