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Jobs In Romance, What I’d Love to See More Of

July 18, 2012

There was a conversation about what jobs people would like to see more of in the gay romance genre. As I read through it, I was reminded of the stuff I didn’t like. I’m tired of the police and firemen because they’re not usually written right (my father-in-law is a firefighter). Right now, the wave being ridden is the rock star (which SMP is enabling by having an anthology of rock stars followed by a line, but…). There’s always some rich mogul to wave money in front of a poor, needy love interest.

You never see a plumber. A cab driver. A banker. A computer programmer. A game developer. An electrician. A mail clerk. If you do, they’re typically the one being saved by the rich mogul.

I was thinking about my characters:
Judas – independently wealthy due to being immortal
Hadi – fashion detailer for high end fashion shows
Nikola – independently wealthy due to being immortal
Aric – piano prodigy
Kasper – psychologist, and then a pedatrician
Logan – odd jobs until he landed an entry level position at an ad firm
Caleb – mail processor
Scott – CEO of a software development company
Bastian – nighttime gas station attendant
Riley – vet tech
Zach – Wal-Mart clerk
Wil – CVS pharmacy tech
Rhys – corporate lawyer
Aspen – sandwich shop clerk
Andrew – songwriter
Ben – database administrator
Cade – rancher
North – country music singer

My guys have run the gamut, I think. XD Most of my WIPs are also feature jobs not usually chosen, which I love. It tends to mean I’m researching a new job for every book, which has me learning an awful lot. I love diversity in professions and financial levels in my fiction. I’m not a huge fan of the rich man doting on a poor boy sort of theme unless it serves as a HUGE plot and character development arc. Still, I know I there’s a lot more I could do with my characters’ professions.

I’d really like to see more every day jobs. Clerks, small business owners, drivers… Yeah, working for Pizza Hut may not be glamorous, but it pays the bills! 🙂 I like that touch of reality to my fantasy, you know? I’ve worked for a craft store, a video store, mailroom clerk, payment processor… a lot of it taught me how to interact with people while keeping a smile on my face. But it’s made me appreciate the hard work that goes into bringing home a paycheck.

Some of the top common jobs in the United States? Retail clerks, office clerks, food service, nurses, waitstaff, customer service/help desk, material movers (truck loaders, loading dock workers, baggage handlers), janitors, secretaries, CPAs, general managers, truck drivers, and elementary school teachers. These are not wealth-making jobs. They’re every day jobs. Jobs that keep this country moving, and I’d love to see those jobs celebrated more in fiction (even romance, where fantasy reigns supreme).

Hell, maybe when I start forming my next book, I’ll just put on an episode of Dirty Jobs and pick one of the professions there! XD That would be fun. I like the challenge, and it might just help build an awesomely different story.

So! Come on, fellow authors! Challenge yourselves. Write outside the box. Even if it scares you. 😉

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  1. Carole-Ann permalink
    July 18, 2012 1:27 pm

    Yup….and THIS is why your writings are amazing! 🙂 Putting the ‘ordinary’ man to front your stories is always fun!

    Keep on! You have a life-long fan here 🙂

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