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New “Making Ends Meet” Teaser

July 20, 2012

I thought I would bring you another teaser for K. Piet’s and my upcoming fall release, Mae. 😀

Devain smiled, patted him on the back. “Stress is a bitch.”

“Yeah, it is.” Zach nudged Devain. “But you’re right. It’s just a few hundred more words.”

“And then you have your—” Jamie lifted up another textbook and read the Post It note on the cover. “‘Pick three crimes from the list and discuss their economic impact on the local level’ assignment.”

Zach threw a pencil at Jamie, laughing softly. “Thanks for the reminder.”

“Just trying to help.” Jamie grinned at him. “Which three crimes are you going to pick?”

“I have no idea. I don’t even want to think about crime and money and the impact on a city.”

“What else do you have?” Piper asked, poking around his books.

Zach let out a slow breath. “I have to do the study guide questions for Ethics. We have our first exam next week. That shouldn’t be too bad. I have all the notes and material. I also missed a second class for Ethics, and let me tell you, Professor Wall is not happy with me. She told me I could miss one more class this semester, but to make up for the second absence, I have to write a 3,000 word paper on morality, religion, and altruism. I can sum up the whole thing in one sentence: Altruism doesn’t exist, religion formed mass morality, and we are only kind because it serves Ego.”

Devain let out a low whistle. “Bitter much?”

“Exhaustion and pent up sexual frustration,” Zach said, his cheeks heating a little.

“Sexual frustration isn’t a problem for me,” Jamie said. “Jack is waiting back at the apartment, keeping the bed nice and warm.”

“Lucky you,” Piper said as she kicked him under the table. “Some of us don’t even have a Friday night date to look forward to.”

“My Friday night is just work. Work at Walmart, work on assignments, and then work to make sure Mae is amused, and then hopefully healthy enough to fall asleep without a fuss.” Zach couldn’t help but feel frustrated when all his schedule looked like was one endless pile of books, pills, and bills.

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