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The Trouble With “Human Rights” (plus teaser!)

July 27, 2012

I’m working on my first novella solo piece, Human Rights (formally known as For the Love of a Master), and while I love it to bits, I think it has three things working against it. I’m still going to write it. I’m still going to publish it. But I don’t think it’ll be a smash hit. 😉 Let me explain.

1. It’s furry. I thought I would never write a novel with a full-out furry character, but this one is. Sir Jiat is a jaguar, one of the elite guardsman in a world where the canines and felines are the dominant species (walking, talking, humanoid) while the humans are the kept pets. I’m not sure how well this will go down.

2. There is a heavy D/s element, though I hesitate to say it’s full out D/s because there is a power inequality. The word is set up so Ewan—the human pet of Sir Jiat’s—has little to no autonomy. While Sir Jiat encourages small steps of independence, Ewan’s life experience thus far leads him to needing the direction and mastering. This might make some readers very uncomfortable as it’s a shadow of slavery. The entire story is told in first person from Ewan’s point of view: how he wound up in the pound, how he was adopted by Sir Jiat, and the growth from simple pet with no sense of self into a man who is able to make his own choices, and I would hope that readers can see through the inequality to the heart of the tale.

3. And the big one. The one that I think will really put this one in the Do Not Read pile for many readers: Ewan, in the first 1/4 of the book, has sex… with a woman! I know, OMG, right? XD As I was writing the scene, I stopped to look at the husband-thing and said, ‘Even if readers could get past the furry thing and the D/s thing, they’re going to hate that Ewan fucks a woman.’ Ewan, who is ‘in tact’ and has never had sex, is given a chance to fuck for the first time, and because he doesn’t know his own preferences, Sir Jiat sets him up with a woman. It’s a sweet little scene, not very long (’cause, dude, never had sex, he goes off early), but there is still positive woman loving in the story with explicit wordage.

In the end, I’m loving the story, the process of it, and pushing my own limits. I like writing a completely foreign world, a world alien and yet not. I’m going to leave you with a teaser from it, and I really do hope readers wind up loving Sir Jiat and Ewan’s story. It really is a hopeful, sweet romance.

“I have begged off my turn today at the Guardhouse.” Sir Jiat watched me in the mirror. “I arranged for a friend of mine to bring her pet. Syra is a lovely woman, older and sterile, but I think she will be an ideal match for your first.”

My hands stopped moving mid-brushing, and fear coiled around my heart. My master had found a female for me, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with her. I knew the basic idea. Cock into slit. Beyond that, though, I was lost. I shifted on my knees, trying to finish grooming Sir Jiat before he received company, but I was distracted. Adrift. Today, I would rut with a woman, and I was scared. He must have smelled the fear because he knelt in front of me, cupping my cheek with his large, paw-like hand.

“Do you not want Syra?” he asked.

I gripped the brush so hard, I felt the sharp bristles break the skin of my palm. Gasping, I dropped the brush, and then I immediately dove after it, ashamed for letting it fall. “Forgive me!”

Sir Jiat gripped my shoulders and forced me to meet his amber eyes. “Ewan, you’ve hurt yourself.” He opened my palm, smeared with red and dozens of little pinpricks. It stung like fire. “You must take care.” Sir Jiat then did something I had never, in my wildest dreams, expected: he bent his head and drew his rough, hot tongue over my broken flesh. Each swipe cleaned a little more blood from my palm. I couldn’t help but whimper. “Why are you afraid?” he asked, his ears twitching on the top of his head, attentive.

It took me a few moments to force my throat to work, my tongue to form words. “I don’t know what I should do,” I admitted.

A smile graced Sir Jiat’s face, sharp teeth showing as his whiskers twitched. “I see. It isn’t difficult. You will grow erect, she will lay back, and you will slide into her body.”

“And then?” I looked up, flushed with embarrassment. It was personal, intimate, but I had no secrets from my master.

“You thrust in and out until you come.” Sir Jiat rose from the cushioned seat in front of the vanity. “Come with me. I will bathe you myself before Syra arrives. She is experienced. Put your trust in her to guide you through this. There is no need for shame.”

I followed Sir Jiat obediently, watching his white tail twitch as he walked. Even if there was no need for shame, I felt it. I was a mutt. No one bred mutts, and if we had needs, they were trivial. To be given an opportunity to know such pleasures even once was something I’d never dared to hope for. But, Sir Jiat said it would become a weekly arrangement. Not always Syra, but someone. I would never be forced to go without so long as I was obedient, and as Sir Jiat rinsed my hair of soap, I swore to never disobey him. I didn’t want to disobey him. So long as I obeyed, I would be kept, and maybe the nightmares would lessen.

In the warmth of the morning, with Sir Jiat’s hands moving slickly over my body, those night frights seemed distant. The heat of the bath eased my sore joints, and Sir Jiat’s gentle touch stirred my body and heart. As I grew hard in the bath, Sir Jiat chuckled, called me eager, promised Syra would arrive soon. I smiled bashfully, unwilling to correct him. It wasn’t Syra’s hands on my body now. It wasn’t Syra’s kindness that kept my belly full, my body clean, and my mind challenged. It wasn’t Syra’s amber eyes I wanted to gaze up into and see bright with pleasure. I wondered if Sir Jiat would purr if touched just right, what his fur would feel like under a lustful touch.

But those desires were forbidden. To want and lay with one’s master only led to the pound and that back room where the guilty found their end. We ignored my erection as Sir Jiat honored me by drying my body, and then he brushed my hair. If I could have purred, I would have. Pampered and adored, my heart slowed, my fears eased. It took all I had not to reach out for Sir Jiat, touch him freely. I was well-trained, and I resisted. I merely stood in the bathing room, clean and groomed, all but preening under Sir Jiat’s attention.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. July 27, 2012 3:43 pm

    bisexual furry kink? I’m there!

  2. July 29, 2012 4:58 am

    *laughs* I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready! I hope I don’t disappoint. 😉

  3. Cristian Segura permalink
    November 21, 2012 12:52 am

    I personally am really looking forward to the story and the teaser just makes me want to read it more! Can’t wait for it! Will it be E-book only or will a print version also be available?

  4. November 21, 2012 1:40 am

    Cristian — It will be in digital and print. 😀

  5. zhab permalink
    June 24, 2014 9:33 pm

    As someone with an heavy fetish of wanting to be someone or something’s pet, I’m looking forward to this story. Ironically the 3 reasons given for people not liking this book do not bother me at all. Especially not number 3 (being a straight male myself).

    If fact the biggest turn off for me would be the flip side of number 3. Which implies that for 3/4 of the book the character may have sex with his male master. However good pet-master stories are very hard to find to begin with. Most of them are about an horny male master with a sexy female human pet. Those who involve a male pet usually also feature male on male action quite prominently in the story.

    Finding a pet-master story with a female master with a male pet is exceedingly hard. So I’m used to compromising. I’ve stayed away from male-male stuff until now thou. But your story is so promisingly rich on the pet-master front that I think I’ll make an exception and try it out.

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