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Another “On the Edge” Teaser

August 10, 2012

So, next Friday, Fraternal Devotion comes out. (If you haven’t already, go over and pre-order the anthology before the price goes up on the 17th!) K. Piet and I have a short story in that one called On the Edge with fraternal twins Andrew and Ben. It’s all about Andrew’s struggle with his relationship with Ben, who he’s been lovers with since they were fourteen. Their story is a dark, angry one that ends on a happy, hopeful note, and I’m going to give you a final sneak peek before release day. 😀

Ben was down on the dance floor, and he could have been made of sparkling gold and glittering sapphires with the way heads turned to follow him. Ben was probably oblivious to the attention, but from his perch, Andrew could see everything. Every last fucking depressing detail.

Ben had gotten glitzed up for tonight; he’d made a special effort, and Andrew just knew it was going to pay off. His twin was fucking gorgeous without any help, and the extra time Ben had spent on his appearance just made the men flock to him. It was like a fresh piece of meat being dangled above a room full of circling wildcats. Sooner or later, someone was going to pounce. The thought made Andrew’s mood even blacker, and he threw back a shot of Everclear. He wanted to get drunk. He wanted to forget the mess his life had become.

“Hey there, rainy skies.”

Andrew wanted to be left the fuck alone. He glanced darkly over his shoulder for a moment, and then looked at the dance floor again, fully intending to ignore the twink of a guy next to him. Probably high on something. The guy was far too friendly for his own good.

“Aww, not even a hello?” The man didn’t sound deterred in the slightest. “You might be the little black raincloud hovering under the honey tree, but I bet I could put a smile on your face, if you let me.”

Andrew practically growled. He didn’t want a damn pick-me-up; he wanted Ben. He wondered if Ben could possibly feel the heat coming from his gaze. An itch on his back, maybe? Something that would make him brush off the two men who were getting really friendly with him on the dance floor. Movement caught Andrew’s eye at the corner of his vision, and he glanced over to see the twink moving in close, looking down at the crowd with him. Not just next to him, but with him.

“Mmm… pretty-boy down there yours?” The twink turned away from the railing and leaned back against it, trying to catch his eye. Andrew gave in and met the gaze, his own eyes filled with annoyance. The young, brunet man wasn’t unattractive. Hell, he even had really nice green eyes—green that he could see in the club lighting, which was kind of impressive. But, no matter how cute the guy was, his endless cheer just made him want to smack the smile off his face and have another shot of hard liquor. A brown eyebrow was arched at him. “Or maybe he was, and you’re both available now? Well, Golden Boy down there isn’t my type. If you feel like trading the ‘fuck you’ sign off your forehead for a pair of wings, I’ll hook you up.” A grin curved his lips as he looked Andrew up and down. “And more, if you like.”

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