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New Release: Fraternal Devotion

August 22, 2012

I’m a bit late with today’s blog post. Usually, I bank blog entries, but… wow. This past week has just wiped me out. The weekend was spent dealing with a sick husband-thing and co-author-thing, a lot of press business, and then today we had a sick cat. Poor Rada has viral conjunctivitis, which she’s had all her life (though we didn’t even know that!). We’re working on getting her feeling better, but, yeah, the past week has thrown me completely off my game.

But, I come today with a new release! Fraternal Devotion is the newest anthology containing a short story from K. Piet and me. 😀 We have the short On the Edge in this anthology, about fraternal twins Andrew and Ben, who have been struggling with their unconventional relationship since they were fourteen. I’m very proud of this short, and I hope reader enjoy it.

You can only buy it in three outlets: Storm Moon Press, Barnes and Noble, and Rainbow eBooks. This is mainly due to the content. It’s sad that consensual love stories between brothers will be denied distribution while rape and torture and violence can be widely and easily distributed, but I’ve made peace with the unfair field of fiction distribution. I’m glad the title can be found in the couple of places it currently is. 🙂

If you enjoy brocest/twincest, check out Fraternal Devotion. It’s $6.99 for ebook, $13.99 for print. 😀 I leave you with a new little excerpt to whet your appetites.

Andrew couldn’t sleep. He never slept well after a fight with Ben. A few shots of vodka hadn’t calmed him down or made sleep easier. One look at his small heroin kit had been enough for him to stash it back in the closet with an angry shove. Sure, the heroin would take him away from all this bullshit, but wasn’t that the very thing Ben hated about him? Ben hated the drugs, hated that he spent most of their extra cash to buy them for their weekends, when he could cut loose and fly high enough to fuck Ben without thinking. It wasn’t Ben’s fault he had hang-ups, but dammit, how could Ben blame him? They were brothers—twins—and there wasn’t exactly any way of getting around that.

Fuck trying to sleep. He wouldn’t fall back into the musical dreams of his subconscious at this rate. He pulled on a pair of boxers and stalked out into the living room. He left the lights off. Emo? Yeah, but he didn’t give a fuck. If he was going to ride out the rest of the night in a bad mood, he was going to make the best of it. Or, at the very least, make the worst of it work for him. If Ben made it so the music wouldn’t come back to him, then he’d find the tunes on his own, the hard way. It only took a minute to set up his keyboard and pull out his blank pads of lined music paper. He lit a single candle to see by, setting it in a glass holder so it wouldn’t bleed all over his keyboard.

The electric hum of his keyboard was usually a soothing thing, but tonight, it just felt like that palpable charge in the air before a fight. That’s what this was, wasn’t it? A fight over what he could and couldn’t do. What he could and couldn’t handle. Who was Ben to dictate what he was supposed to do and where their relationship was supposed to go? Who decided Ben’s pace was the end all, be all? No one, he told himself, but his inner voice wasn’t kind and added, but he deserves better than the shitty treatment he gets from you.

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  1. Dustin permalink
    August 22, 2012 6:51 pm

    Added it to my to-read list. This will be my first book that talks about brothers being in love. Sounds pretty interesting.

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