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Release Day Is Here! :D “Making Ends Meet”

October 26, 2012

Back in February, K. and I came up with the idea to tell the story of a gay, single, teen father. We called the story Mae, after the main character’s daughter. It took us a couple of months to write the manuscript, but in June, we sent it off to the editor. Two months of edits, and the title was officially changed to Making Ends Meet (which was far more appropriate). And now, release day. I’m so excited! It even includes twelve gorgeous black and white images depicting various scenes from the book! 😀

Zach is just seventeen years old, but despite his youth, he has more than his fair share of responsibility. An experimental fling in high school has led him down the path of single fatherhood. Now, he holds down a job, takes his college classes online, and pays his own bills as best he can—all while juggling daycare and chores and play-dates for his four-month-old, Mae. It’s a rough, 24/7 life, but to Zach, Mae is worth every penny spent and every minute of his day.

With no free time to speak of, it feels like a miracle when Zach meets Wil in the check-out line at his work. Handsome, grounded, from the proverbial “right side of the tracks”, and—even better—good with kids, Wil is everything he could want in a boyfriend. But as interested as Wil is in Zach, he has his own life, his own family, his own job and college career to think about. All the various draws on their time means that it’s hard just to find chances to be together. But Zach’s no stranger to hard tasks, and believes he owes it to himself to try.

Right now, it’s available as an ebook, but print will come shortly. 😀 The ebook is only $6.99!

Happy release day to me!

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