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Works In Progress Update

October 31, 2012

First and foremost, Happy Samhain! 😀

For those of you going out or taking the kids trick or treating, stay safe!

Now, onto the writing talk. 🙂 With the release of The Devil’s Midway and Making Ends Meet, I thought it was time to update the works in progress list. 😀 What is it K. Piet and I are working on?

K. Piet and I will have a bisexual short in the Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs anthology this December. We don’t write nearly enough bisexual fiction, and couple it with BDSM? We were so there. XD

I’ll have a short in the charity anthology Legal Briefs, which comes out in January 2013 during Storm Moon Press’ three year anniversary celebration.

K. and I are also planning to write shorts for the Dracones, Dark Menagerie, Forgotten Menagerie, Blood Embrace, The More the Merrier, and Bygone Beasts. It’s a lot, and plans do go awry, but I hope we can do something for each of them!

I’m in the process of rewriting Morningstar, blowing it out from a long short story into a decent sized novella. This one I hope to have done by the summer. *crosses fingers*

Human Rights is a quarter written, and it’s a novella I’m really enjoying. It’s so different for me that it’s also a bit challenging to get going any time I want to add to it. But, I have faith. Once I get over the bump of this particular chapter, it’ll be a lot easier.

Right now, K. and I are picking away at Immortal Symphony: Overture. We need to have the first 60K words written and to the editor by the end of January. >.> This is a story we absolutely love, are hot for, and so I don’t think it’ll take long to get those 60K words written. October’s just been hell for us with press events and a release. @_@ We should have all 120K words written for the first season of Immortal Symphony by April, and it will be released from February to July.

And, finally, I am determined to finish Lessons In Cowboy in 2013. It has been set aside time and again, and Cole and North are determined to have their story told. XD

Other than that (as if that wasn’t enough), we’ll poke at Stalemate and 52 Weeks to see if we can add anything to those during 2013. K. is taking 2014 off from her day job, so we’ll really hit the ground running then with all the projects we’ve put off over and over (like Wanderlust: Land of Nod, Polyfidelity, and Other Side of Night: Havva & Amiri).

So, that’s what we have in store! 😀 Now I just have to schedule it all into our calendar.

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  1. November 2, 2012 2:01 pm

    And “The Keeper’s Heart”, if we can ever figure out exactly what we want to do with it. XD So many projects! @_@

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