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Writing Projects in 2013

December 12, 2012

So, R, K, and I went over the writing schedule next year. OMG. Admittedly, anything we write for SMP has a bit of a grace period, but anything for another press has to be in on time. I need to sit down and figure out timetables and such so we don’t miss a deadline, but… at least I have the list of publications we’re shooting for!

Anthology Submissions
1/31/2013 – Untitled, K’s and my Sandy auction short story about a priest and an angel. I have a solid idea for this one, I just need the time and focus to work on it.

2/28/2013 – SMP, Dracones, gay dragon theme, and I have a vague idea for the short.

3/31/2013 – SMP, Serve Me, gay slavery, and we plan to play in the Egaea world again with a House of Water slave Elf, but not show a more progressive, happier master-slave pairing. It will be more representative of what sort of use the lust slaves truly were put to.

3/31/2013 – SMP, Blood Embrace, gay vampires, and we have a great idea for this one. XD It even has a title, Catch and Release.

4/15/2013 – DSP, Cuddling, I’m iffy on subbing to Dreamspinner as I’ve heard they’re shit at editing (and my own experience with buying their work shows poor acquisitions and poor editing), but I’d like firsthand experience rather than anecdotal statements. This is a call for gay couples who are re-ignitiing the spark in their relationship, and K. and I want to write an older gay couple.

4/30/2013 – SMP, Forgotten Menagerie, which is gay non-canine, non-feline shifters, and I plan to play with a fox white Great Horned Owl shifter and a Verreaux Owl shifter.

4/30/2013 – LT3, Proud to be a Vampire, for Less Than Three press, and I’m still mulling around with an idea. It hasn’t gelled quite yet, but I have plenty of vampire ideas in my head.

5/31/2013 – SMP, Blurred Lines, trans* and genderqueer fiction, which is something K really wants to write for.

8/31/2013 – SMP, Bygone Beasts, gay fantastical shifters, and I plan to write me some unicorn shifter porn because I’ve wanted to for YEARS now.

9/30/2013 – SMP, On Her Knees, lesbian slavery, and I have an idea for a vampire mistress and her little blood doll.

Iffy are another DSP call for gay doctors and an SMP call for bisexual psychics, both I’d write with Erik Moore. As those are closer to the holidays, I don’t know if they’ll actually be written.

And then there’s the proper fiction. Non-shorts written for individual release. I need to work out deadlines for them, though.

Novel – Immortal Symphony: Overture, season one of the Immortal Symphony serial. I have the first episode written and with the editor. I have until the end of December to finish writing the second one and get it off to her. Deadline for the final episode is March 31st. Also need to write two deleted scenes for it, at least one of them kinky smut between Dorian and Gabriel.

Novel – Immortal Symphony: Counterpoint, season two of the Immortal Symphony serial. I need to begin writing this in October 2013 to make the February 2014 release date.

Novel – Lessons In Cowboy, gay contemporary cowboy with a country music star. I’ve been squatting on this manuscript for years now. It’s over a quarter written. Time to finish it.

Novella – Human Rights, gay furry with a human. This is almost half complete. So close!

Novella – Under the Strawberry Moon, lesbian poly werewolves. I wrote this outline a year ago and want to finally write the story. Since it’s 100% outlined, it shouldn’t take too long to write the thing.

I already know what single title projects I’ll be working on in 2014, too. Wanderlust: Land of Nod, the first in a het novella trilogy; Polyfidelity, a novel about a poly quad; Other Side of Night: Havva & Amiri, the het follow up to Bastian & Riley; 52 Weeks, our psychological mind- and genderfuck of a bisexual D/s novel; and The Keeper’s Heart, the long-awaited sequel to The Keeper. I haven’t even looked at SMP’s 2014 calls because I might cry if I did. XD

So. My post about what’s coming in 2013. I’m crossing my fingers we can meet this sort of schedule while publishing and attending cons.

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  1. December 13, 2012 10:51 pm

    Wow, that’s quite a schedule Mr Armstrong! Best of luck with everything. I can’t wait to read more of your stories, especially Human Rights!

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