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A Political Post: Gun Control

December 19, 2012

I don’t usually get political on my blog, and this will be the one and only time I’ll address this, and I’m not turning on comments. This is me. My opinion. My thoughts. Nothing more.

It’s been difficult to find time or desire to blog, quite frankly. Between the holiday stress and the heartache of the Newtown tragedy, this December hasn’t been too festive of one. I’ve tried avoiding Facebook entirely because many of the people I once respected as sane, rational individuals have turned into pro-gun folks who just spew whatever propaganda they feel like that day. It makes me angry.

I don’t believe the Second Amendment intended for civilians in the 21st century to have unlimited access to all sorts of firearms. I don’t believe owning a gun is a right. I believe strict gun control laws are the first step toward a less violent America, and I believe harsh punishments for gun control violations are the second step. This isn’t something I will ever bend on. I’ve believed in gun control for a very, very long time now, and I think it’s simply shameful that people keep saying now isn’t the time to discuss such regulations.

Like it wasn’t time to discuss it after the Luby’s Massacre (50 people shot, 23 dead).

Like it wasn’t time to discuss it after Columbine (39 people shot, 12 dead).

Like it wasn’t time to discuss it after the Fort Hood shooting (42 people shot, 13 dead).

Like it wasn’t time to discuss it after Virginia Tech (49 people shot, 32 dead).

Like it wasn’t time to discuss it after the Aurora movie theater shooting (70 people shot, 12 dead).

Like it isn’t time to discuss it after Newtown (26 people dead).

Now is the time for dialogue, for legislation, for an overhaul of the gun laws in America. No, it won’t fix the problem, but it’s a fucking step. It’s a step toward not seeing another swath of innocent people cut down because some crazy decides to pick up an assault rifle—LEGALLY purchased—and shoot up a mall, a school, a workplace. Yes, a knife or a bomb or a coke can can be just a lethal, but those are just derailing comments. My cat could potentially be lethal, doesn’t mean that if he scratches, I will die. A knife can be lethal, but you have to get up close and personal with your victim, who can struggle and fight, whereas a gun… A gun is quick, impersonal, and very, very final.

And we know this because the very same day 26 people lost their lives in Sandy Hook Elementary School, 22 children in a Chinese school were attacked by a deranged man with a knife and—while some are in critical condition—none of them are dead.

The United States has become an entitled, spoiled 2-year-old with a huge case of the MINE!s. We, as a country, want to call privileges rights and rights privileges. The rights that we have should be healthcare, food, shelter. The right to our own person. The right to marry whomever we desire regardless of gender. The right to be safe and happy. Guns and tax breaks and religious domination are not rights, and shame on those who would trade the safety of their fellow human beings for the privilege of owning a gun.


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