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Recipe Monday: Deviled Eggs

December 24, 2012

One of the things I cannot attend a holiday gathering without is my deviled eggs. My father loves them. In fact, I–as a non-egg eater–love these as a small snack sometimes. They’re pretty quick, especially is you buy pre-boiled eggs from the market (which is what I usually do ’cause I suck at hard boiling eggs). Keeping a packet of the pre-boiled eggs in the fridge means this is an easy, quick meal/snack with little effort!

6 hard boiled eggs
2-4TBSP mayonnaise
2-4TSBP sweet relish
1-3tsp yellow mustard

Slice the eggs length-wise and separate whites from yolks. I then push my yolks through a sieve to get the smoothest, finest dusting of yolks. Into the yolks, add the lower half of the measurements, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper. Mix. Now, this should be a creamy, soft mixture, but sometimes, the yolks are really dry. Add the next step up in measurements, going bit by bit, until the right texture is achieved. Taste. Adjust for personal tastes (I usually end up adding more salt and sweet relish than the recipe calls for).

Spoon or pipe into the egg white halves and arrange on a platter. Serve cold.


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