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Last Wednesday Post of 2012!

December 26, 2012

Wow. 2012 is almost over. I can’t believe it. XD

I’m not going to get political or ranty this final Wednesday. I’m going to use it, instead, as a look back. What I published. What I posted. What I accomplished.

First, I attended two conventions this year. I even sat on my first panels. This, for someone with such social anxiety and phobias like I do, is a Big Deal. I had fun at both conventions, and I met some wonderfully awesome people. They were such positive experiences, I’m really looking forward to the 2013 conventions. I’m attending four! Two are repeats, and two are conventions only Kris attended last year. So, excited!

We added to our furry family. In July, Dorian and Basil came to live with us. They are the sweetest kitlets, and I can’t imagine my day starting without Dorian’s snuggles or Basil rubbing against my legs.


Some of my favorite posts from 2012 are:

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My releases for 2012:

Playing Doctor : Valentine’s Day five years after the events of Catalyst, Logan sets to making it a memorable day for Kasper. He has everything he needs: dinner, flowers, chocolates, and a playroom eagerly waiting for them to play Doctor. (FREE)

Jungle Law : Leopard shifter Kaanan is accustomed to dispatching poachers that encroach on his territory. When a young innocent from the hunting party escapes his wrath and grows ill in the jungle, he is moved to pity. (FREE)

An Angel’s Soul : A near-death experience brings Cole face-to-face with his guardian angel, who is no longer content to simply watch over the young man. (FREE)

Love & Agony : Seventeen short stories that explore the darker aspects of love and devotion among elves, vampires, werewolves, angels, and demons.

Fraternal Devotion : Brothers in love—and in lust—fill the pages of this anthology of brotherly incest.

Making Ends Meet : Looking for love while raising a baby seems impossible, but Zach and Wil are determined to give it a try.

Devil’s Night : Four short stories filled with devils and demons and the mortals that find themselves their objects of desire.

Advent: Collected Shorts : A collection of twenty-nine wintery themed short stories ranging from contemporary western to high fantasy. (FREE)

Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs : A collection of holiday-themed short stories with a BDSM twist.


My final word count for 2012 is 198,609. It’s about 50K less than last year, but I’ve been incredibly busy with Storm Moon Press. I’m crossing my fingers that next year will be more prolific. My plan is to be more prolific, but life rarely goes to plan, right? XD

So, my year in review! *chuckles* Yay!

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