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Wow! Long Time No Post!

March 16, 2013

Just over two months. Man, I am a bad author! I’m going to use today to catch up and begin posting regularly again.

Well, earlier in the week, I turned thirty-three. 😀 Woot! It was a low key birthday just hanging out with K. and the husband-thing. It was lovely. They helped make one of my favorite childhood meals, grape leaf rolls. I’m half Lebanese (which you can’t tell from my pale skin, blue eyes, and red hair!), and so I have a soft spot for the dishes my Siti used to make. They were delicious, and we’re still eating the leftovers!

Also, K. Piet and I founded the Rainbow Conference. It’s a QUILTBAG event happening over Easter/Passover weekend next year for small presses, authors, and readers. Check out the website for the events, registration is open, and we’d love to have folks join us!

K. Piet’s and my serial, Immortal Symphony: Overture, has gone up for sale. We have two installments out so far out of the six. The third installment (along with a bonus for those who have a season pass) comes out April 12th. We’ve had a pretty awesome reception for it so far, which is really exciting. You can buy a season pass or the episodes individually!

Our kittles are about to turn one year old, and they were neutered last week (day after my birthday!). Basil is recovering well, but we’re a bit worried over Dorian. His sac is very swollen. Not tender or red or hot, but much more swollen than Basil’s. We’re watching it and if he’s not better come Monday, we’ll make a vet appointment just to be on the safe side.

I’m thinking of adding a day to my blogging schedule. Recipe Monday, my rambling stuff for Wednesday, and then Fiction Friday, but I’m big into makeup. I love it. I buy a lot of it. XD I was thinking of doing something small on a Saturday or Sunday, mainly what I’ve bought and tried, my reactions, and some swatches. Not of huge interest to many, but eh. We’ll see.

So, yeah! Brief update. I’ve been busy with RainbowCon, Storm Moon Press, and my serial. I’m trying to get back into writing Human Rights, which I’ve fallen WAY behind on. K. quit her dayjob, so we’re hoping the extra time will allow for most SMP and writing work to be done. *crosses fingers*

I leave you with a teaser from what we’re currently working on, which is Episode 4 of Immortal Symphony: Overture!

“It’s going to be all right, lad,” John assured him. “Take a couple deep breaths and tell me what happened.”

Gabriel pawed at Dorian, still trying to wake him up. “I don’t know. He was upset about something, but he brushed it off. I knew it was something important because who throws their phone at the wall over nothing? I know I wouldn’t, and I may not know Dorian that well, but I know people, and people don’t throw—”

“Gabriel!” John snapped his fingers in front of Gabriel’s face, snapping him out of his rambling. “Then what happened?”

“I—” Gabriel shook his head, eyes stinging with new tears. “The window shattered, and Dorian fell to the floor.” He looked back at Dorian, something painful twisting in his chest as he stared down at Dorian’s lifeless body. He hadn’t been given enough time to know if Dorian was a good man under all the decadence, but he’d hoped. “Oh, Dorian, please,” he breathed.

John rummaged in his bag for a moment. “Pull his shirt off,” he ordered. “Emma, please fetch a large bowl of warm water and some towels.”

Gabriel sniffled and watched Emma leave, and he turned confused eyes to John. “What?”

“I’m asking you to trust me, Gabriel.” John smiled at him. “Everything’s going to be all right, but first, we need to make Dorian more comfortable. Take off his shirt.”

More comfortable? Gabe, Dorian’s dead. There’s no pulse. No heartbeat. No breath. He’s dead.

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  1. March 16, 2013 8:18 pm

    I’m glad to hear that you are doing well, Mrs. Armstrong. Happy Birthday!!

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