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Fiction Friday: “Immortal Symphony: Overture” Episode 4 Teaser

March 22, 2013

I wanted to give readers a little taste of what’s coming in Episode 4, coming out May 10th, 2013. 😀

Gabriel held his gaze for a moment, and he could feel those eyes searching something. After a moment, a smile slowly unfurled on Gabriel’s face. The answer then earned him a short, passionate kiss. Gabriel pulled back for a breath and moaned. “Your angel. Kinda useless as one…”

Dorian knew Gabriel was only halfheartedly fishing for comfort, but talking wasn’t always Dorian’s strong suit. “You’re not useless,” he insisted. “You suck amazing cock.”

It might not have been what Gabriel was expecting in the way of encouragement, but it made him laugh. That was far better than fearful hysterics, and Dorian pushed himself upward, craning his neck to breathe hotly into Gabriel’s ear.

“Stop thinking,” Dorian purred with a teasing lick. “There is nothing but this moment. Nothing but you and me. Let go of everything else.”

“I want…”

The desire in Gabriel’s voice was unmistakable, and the hints of uncertainty and innocence drew him in like a moth to a flame. Gabriel might not have known exactly what he was asking for, but Dorian had every intention of giving it. “I know, angel.”

A firm squeeze to Gabriel’s ass had Gabriel eagerly pawing at him again, pulling him into another kiss. Gabriel’s hand curled in his damp hair, tugging hard enough to fan the flames of Dorian’s arousal to a raging blaze. Gabriel was usually soft, but the slightly rough edge to his touches made him all the more intoxicating. Gabriel never ceased to surprise and intrigue him. No matter how often they’d fucked so far, there was still something different, some hidden need that he was able to unearth.

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