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What’s Going On & A Call For Help

June 21, 2013

I admit, most of the spring and summer, I’ve just been too busy to blog. I keep meaning to. I have a lot of things I want to talk about. But, in May and June, things just… hit the fan. I haven’t been able to write and other things have fallen to the wayside as stress mounted.

Right now, my husband, partner, and I are in the process of moving. This… omg, this has been one of the most stressful things I’ve ever endured. Just as we were preparing to catch up on everything and take a month-long holiday, we were blindsided.

Our apartment complex has, for the last three years, been aware of our pets. No one has said anything. No one has given us any trouble. We clean up after our dogs, and our cats are quiet and non-destructive. Last week, Roger went in to pick up a package for us and one of the ladies there told him they were told by pest control we have cats and we had to get rid of them. They didn’t care how, just get rid of them, and we had a week to do it in. I have nine cats. I’ve had most of them since they were born. Seven of them are well over ten years old. There was no way we’d be able to rehome that many cats and have them adjust well to such a move.

So, we chose Option B. We found a new place to live (a house that has a landlord who doesn’t care about our pets so long as they’re well behaved). Monday, we turn in our intent to vacate and buy out our lease. I have one week to pack up an apartment and move a whole family of animals half an hour south. My family will help us with the physical move, but financially, we have no help. Between putting down the deposit on the new place and buying out this lease… We need help. We do. So, I’m going to swallow it all down and ask for help.

Kris and I have an Etsy shop. We make jewelry. If you don’t see something you want, send us a custom request and we can work something out. Please, if you can, please drop by and snag something. It will help us. Everything in the shop is made and ready to ship.

If you would rather, you could always donate funds. 🙂 Anything would help. If a bunch of people only gave $5, it would go a loooong way to helping us shoulder this burden. Right now, Kris is out of work, so we’re down one paycheck, and that’s hit us in a way we’d hoped to shoulder if not for this move. If you want to donate just a little bit instead of visiting the Etsy shop, just use this button:

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Help us move!

I am also available for freelance editing jobs. I have several authors I’ve editor for Storm Moon Press who would happily say that I am a thoroughly and competent editor. You can email me at for any sort of particulars. I’m willing to do a test edit of the first 10 pages of a manuscript to make sure I mesh well with any author who would like to hire me. Anything I can do to help bring money into this situation with the move, I’m willing to do. 🙂

Signal boosting would help immensely, too!

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