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“Immortal Symphony: Overture” Episode 5 Teaser

August 8, 2013

So, with the move and the crazy that was, Episode 5 and Episode 6 of my serial with K. Piet, Immortal Symphony: Overture, wound up delayed. However! Episode 5, Going to Ground, comes out tomorrow, and Episode 6, Homecoming, comes out September 13th. 😀 To celebrate, I’m bringing you a lovely teaser from Episode 5!

Overture_Ep5_BSGabriel’s lips twitched. “You’re a liar.”

“A serpent with a silver tongue.” Dorian tore into the breast meat Gabriel had served him. “Which you quite like, if memory serves me.”

“I like the tongue,” Gabriel pointed out between bites. “It doesn’t mean I like what that tongue has to say half the time.”

Dorian affected a pout in Gabriel’s direction. “Only half the time?”

Gabriel laughed, and Dorian felt some sort of tension break in the room with the sound filling it. “You’re just… just impossible, you know that?”

“Oh, I’m very aware of it, angel,” Dorian chuckled, and the rest of the meal was eaten in relative silence. When his belly was full, Dorian leaned back, wincing as he shifted until he was free of springs poking at him. “That was wonderful.” He knew he was practically purring with his pleasure. “It was one of the best roast chicken suppers I’ve had in a long time.”

Within moments, Dorian had a lap full of Gabriel. “Really?”

Dorian cupped Gabriel’s ass through his jeans, and he brought their lips together in a slow, deep kiss. His tongue moved through Gabriel’s mouth, teasing every inch he could reach, and the soft moans and eager rubbing he coaxed from Gabriel were intoxicating. In these singular moments—few and far between though they’d been of late—Dorian still felt in control and on top of the fucking world. By the time Gabriel pulled back, lips slick and slightly puffy from the long bout of kissing, they were both hard.

Dorian nipped at Gabriel chin, finally answering Gabriel’s question. “Really.”

“You still have the other half of my surprise.” Gabriel squirmed a bit in Dorian’s lap, pulling a groan from Dorian. “And that other half, I hope, does include fucking all damn night.”

“All night?” Dorian licked and kissed up and down Gabriel’s throat.

Gabriel tilted his head back, moaning. “All. Night,” he promised breathlessly.

Dorian smiled against Gabriel’s throat. “Then you need to stand up so you can give me the second half of my surprise because the all night fucking is eclipsing that in urgency at the moment.”

“Horndog.” Still, Gabriel was all smiles as he slid off Dorian’s lap. He held out his hand. “I knew I wanted to give this to you the minute you said you got the job at the bookstore. But I had to save up my tips.”

Brow furrowed, Dorian took Gabriel’s hand and stood. “What could you have bought that required three weeks of saving?”

Gabriel gave Dorian a gentle shove toward the bedroom door. “Go and look.”

Dorian turned the loose knob to their bedroom and swung open the door. Their bed, just a modest double that had come with the apartment—stains and odd smells were free of charge—sat across from the large window. The dresser had been moved from its place beside the closet, and it now rested on the wall next to the door. In its place now sat an upright piano that, honestly, had seen better days. It still had a rich, deep cherry color to its case, though, and Dorian couldn’t help but get closer. The keys were in excellent condition, though, and excitement bubbled hot in his chest. “Angel…” He slid his fingers over the keys, sitting on the creaking bench. It had been almost three months since he’d last laid fingers on a piano, and now… now… He let out a slow breath and played a chord.

The notes rang true, rich and deep.

Dorian looked over his shoulder. “Even used, three weeks of tips wouldn’t pay for this. How—”

“Three weeks paid the downpayment.” Gabriel cheeks were flushed, his eyes dark, hopeful. “It will take me another eight months to pay it off, but it’s ours. Yours, Dorian.”

Eyes drawn back to the keyboard, Dorian was overwhelmed. Only one other lover in his life had gifted him with a piano. Basil had bought him a used upright much like this one, though more walnut than cherry, and it had taken Basil several months to fully pay it off. It was eerie and sweet, and Dorian wet his lips, not trusting his voice just yet. Tight on money, scraping by on just Gabriel’s pay for weeks, and still… Gabriel had bought him the one thing he missed the most: music.

Dorian turned on the bench and took Gabriel’s hands, murmuring unevenly, “Thank you, angel. For this. For giving me music once more. It’s… it’s more than I ever expected when we left Scotland.”

You can buy the season pass over at Storm Moon Press for $11.99, and that gets you two bonus shorts AND a steamy art piece from Nathie (as well as the completed eBook). 😀 Or, you can buy the episode individually at SMP or any major retailer.

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