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NatureBox September 2013 Review

September 16, 2013

This is my third NatureBox box. I got a random box the first time, but the second and third, I chose my snacks. I thought to dedicate one Monday in the month to reviewing the box that I receive.
This box contained 2 bags each of Lemon Tea Biscuits, Teriyaki Twists, Cocoa Waffle Wafers, Sunny Trails trail mix, and Far East Rice Crackers. This box also contained a bonus bag of Guacamole Bites as a free gift. The thing about NatureBox is that their snacks tend to contain no artificial ingredients or HFCS. A lot are non-GMO.
Far East Rice Crackers
This mix contains rice crackers, chili crackers, and peas. It smells dusty and of little else.
Saundra: Very crunchy, but very dry. They’re also on the bitter, bland side. I get an odd aftertaste of nail varnish. I rate this one 2/5
Kris: The flavor on the front end of each piece is very nice. Texture as expected with rice-based snacks. Bad aftertaste. Rating, 2.5/5
Roger: I would have liked the peas to have been wasabi peas. Most rice cracker mixes use wasabi peas, and it was disappointing not to have them here. It’s a pretty bog standard mix. 3/5
Teriyaki Twists
Teriyaki flavored rice crackers.
Saundra: Has a strong soy flavor on the front end, but there’s nothing else. Teriyaki should have notes of ginger and garlic, a bit more sweetness, and this is just… soy. And I still get the nail varnish aftertaste. 2/5
Kris: I get the nail varnish aftertaste, too, and there is a serious lack of depth that teriyaki should have. Soy + sugar does not equal teriyaki. 2/5
Roger: Echoing the same thoughts: sweet soy sauce doesn’t equal teriyaki. Not bad, but nothing impressive. 2.5/5
Guacamole Bites
Guacamole-flavored corn sticks.
Saundra: I would have liked to see cilantro in the spice listing. I would prefer the texture to be crisper. 2/5
Kris: The flavor comes out in layers. I like the citrus-y punch in the middle. The aftertaste is just… yeah. No. 3/5
Roger: I don’t like the choice of corn chip to put this seasoning mix on. Not a fan of the texture. Something thinner, crispier, would have been better. 3/5
Lemon Tea Biscuits
Saundra: These are tiny. About an inch in size. I get no citrus at all. It’s more like a Danish butter cookie. Highly disappointing. It’s a sweet butter cookie, nothing more. 2/5
Kris: Meh. 3.5/5
Roger: If you’re going to call something a tea biscuit, they should be big enough to dunk into tea. These aren’t. I get a hint of citrus at the front. 3/5
Cocoa Waffle Wafers
Saundra: Just smelling the bag, it smells very chemically. On their own, not bad. It would be great in ice cream, mousse, or with fondue. 4/5
Kris: This is the best of the bunch so far. 4/5
Roger: It’s a little too bitter to eat a lot of on its own, but would be excellent balanced against something a little sweeter. Ice cream or yogurt… 4/5
Sunny Trails trail mix
Dried fruit and almond trail mix
Saundra: It’s your standard trail mix. It’s mostly as advertised. I could have done with more almonds, as I LOVE almonds. 4/5
Kris: It needs more almonds. 4/5
Roger: If you’re going to call something a ‘fruit and almond’ trail mix, you shouldn’t have to hunt for the almonds. I like the apples and dates. It’s something you don’t see often in these mixes. 4/5
Over all, very disappointed with this box.


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