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Been A While! RainbowCon + Writing + Life

May 8, 2014

I had every intention on posting once a week, but… yeah. RainbowCon broke my brain.

This… was my first year heading a con of any kind. Oh, the things I learned! XD

I had a great time regardless of all the bumps. So much laughing happened in the Hospitality Suite (were I was 99% of the time)! Lots of conversations. I met a lot of authors I’d only ever spoken to over email or the phone. Cari Z is one awesome lady! I’m so glad I got to give her hugs. And Kassa! I’ve adored her since I first stumbled onto her blog many years ago, and having met her in person, I adore her still. There were just so many lovely authors and readers and bloggers that came in and chatted with me, plus I got to meet/hang out with the folks that help make SMP as great as it is. Having a week with Kathleen Tudor was a lot of fun, and we miss her around the house like whoa.

In the end, the laughter and talks and all the information shared was great. I can’t wait for 2015. We’ve already begun the ball rolling for that one. The hotel is secured for the next two years, the site is up, and we’ll be opening up registration in July. 2015 is going to be so exciting!

I haven’t been writing. The first four months of 2014 were sucked away by RainbowCon. This month is trying to get SMP stuff back on track. I’m crossing my fingers that writing will begin again by June. I want to finish Human Rights and Lessons in Cowboy, as readers have been poking me about them for a while. I just need to get everything settled down this month so I can free up the second half of the year for a few writing projects.

I’m still up and down emotionally. I was grieving Dorian heavily at the start of the year. It even spilled out during one afternoon at RainbowCon. I was sharing picture and video with Kassa and some others in the Hospitality Suite, and… I just started crying. Everyone was great, letting me grieve while also enjoying my stories, but… it was a hard thing.

And when we returned home, our eldest cat, Little Boy, became very ill. By the end of April, he’d had a stroke and was dying. We helped him over to the Rainbow Bridge on April 30th, and we brought his ashes home a couple of days ago. I was actually surprised by the depth of my grieving of Little Boy, and I’m still down about it. Sometimes, I think I hear him meowing and go to look for him, but… he’s not here.

Also, when we came home from RainbowCon, we brought Easter Lilies home with us. They were a gift from the hotel, and while I’d warned everyone they were poisonous for cats, Kone still got at them. He’s still recovering from that ordeal, and we can’t help but continue worrying about him. Mama Kitty also became very ill over the last week and a half, so we’ve been limping her along. She’s much better now, though, and we’re immensely relieved.

But! The fun thing is… the Monday after RainbowCon, we picked up a sibling pair of 7 week old kittens. 😀 Gray and Joshua have been a delight to have in our home. They’ve brought a lot of laughter during very dark times. 🙂 They’re also growing like weeds!

So… yeah. A bit of a catch up! I hope everyone else is having a great 2014!

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