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“Human Rights” Is Done!

June 2, 2014

I began working on Human Rights March 6th, 2012. It was the first manuscript I’d begun on my own that wasn’t a short story in years, and I was so sure I’d be done with it by the end of the year.

But, stuff happened. And stuff kept on happening.

I picked it back up in March, though, determined to finish it. I had people emailing me about it, and I wanted to give them the story they’d been waiting so long for. Then RainbowCon happened, and that threw all of April and half of May out from under me. But, a week or so ago, I dove back in, and…


:D! \o/ I am so damned happy!

It’s done at 32,842 words, though that may change through editing. It’s with my editor at the moment, and we have a release date set for August 1, 2014!

I am so fucking happy, and it’s such a relief. I can now move on, go back to my co-authored projects with K. Piet. First one on the docket is Lessons in Cowboy, which I know a lot of people are impatiently waiting for. đŸ˜‰ I’m hoping to have it in our editor’s hands by Thanksgiving. Then, we have a lesbian werewolf novella planned and the second Immortal Symphony book. I’ll leave you with a new teaser from Human Rights

Every year, the city lit up with the Spring Festival. Streets were crammed with stalls selling clothing, shoes, art, food. Jiat took me into one of the crowded streets, his collar warm on my throat and his leash leading me through the throng safely. My feet were clad in new sandals, and I had been recently groomed by Kosi. I thought everyone had to know how Jiat and I lived, loved, as if it were a mark on my very flesh, but no one gave us a second look. I didn’t feel safe, but I also wasn’t afraid. As long as I continued to behave as I had before all things changed, no one would be the wiser. I kept my eyes downcast and my feet three steps behind Jiat.

So much life around us! Myraid voices echoed in my ears, and I stole glimpses here and there. The sun was bright, the breeze cool, and the colors and scents from each stall beckoned me. Jiat stopped at several of the stalls, buying bits of art, a new loincloth, and six books. I carried what I could, but by midday, my stomach ached with hunger. I didn’t want to be too forward as I stood there, Jiat talking with one of the beautiful, caramel colored cats outside sweets stall. She didn’t look to be of noble birth or pure bloodline, and Jiat laughed when she spoke of her betrothed’s drunken antics the previous night. I wondered about their marriage customs. I’d never been kept long enough—or by someone unattached—to even know how the felines and canines married and bred. I chewed on that, lost in my own thoughts, until a gentle tug at my least brought me back to the present. The female had disappeared into the stall, and Jiat was grinning at me.

“Daydreaming?” he asked.

I shook my head. “There’s so much to look at!” I couldn’t help but smile back at him. “And… and my stomach is very empty.”

Jiat nodded. “It’s well after noon. I know a perfect food stall that sells pastries filled with savory meats.” My eyes must have lit up because Jiat laughed and began to lead me through the crowd once more. “Pastries and perhaps some dandelion wine, and then we will return home.”

“My mouth is watering already,” I said, a slight, excited hop to my steps. When we neared the stall, there was a short line. Jiat took me to a small part of grass between two stalls, attaching my leash to one of the stakes set there for just that purpose.

“I won’t be long,” Jiat promised. “You can sit, if you like. The grass is cool and soft. I’ll bring the food back, and we can eat it as we begin home.”

I watched him go to the stall and step in line. As long as I could see him, I didn’t worry. Maybe, if this had been within the first few weeks with Jiat, I would have panicked. But not now. Now, I closed my eyes and turned my face up to the sun. Sitting on the cool grass was an inviting proposition, but Jiat had said he’d be quick. And I’d just been groomed, too. No, I’d stand and wait.

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