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WIP “There’s No Escape” : Support Us on Patreon :D

April 13, 2015

Aside from the two projects I’m currently working on with K., I’m also working on another novel called No Escape, which is a World of Egaea book, the first in a series surrounding two City Guild Elves named Mael and Thorne. I think K. will be helping me with it, but we’re not sure to what extent. I love when she helps, though! Makes writing action so much easier.

This one is completely plotted, and it’s actually almost fully written (all except the final book), I’m just having to overhaul it as the story (and the sequels to it) are quite old and need reworking/updating. I’ve worked through about 10K of the first book already. There’s another 60K to get through, though. And that’s just the first book in that series. I’m excited about it!

The series is tentatively called Unmasked, with the first book entitled There’s No Escape. There are four short stories bridging the first book and the second. Then a fifth short story that bridges the second book and the third. đŸ˜€ So, there’s a lot to Mael and Throne’s relationship arc, and I can’t wait to share it. The chapters will be shared on Patreon for our patrons as I rewrite/clean it up, so if you want to see it as I’m working on it, you’ll need to become one of my patrons!

I also couldn’t help but make a mock cover sort of thing for it so there’s something to use on Patreon when I upload chapters. Not 100% happy with it, and I’m glad it certainly isn’t the actual cover, but it will do!
Patrons of ours over at Patreon get some fun perks aside from just getting to read the stories as we write them. Here are just the four tiers:

Pledge $1.00 or more per Chapter
A chance to vote in a poll for what log scene S.L. and K. will do next for live session in Google Drive. Plus, weekly invitation to watch a Google Drive of S.L. and K. writing a log scene. These could be erotic in nature or completely innocent. We will let you know when we send out the invitation.

Pledge $5.00 or more per Chapter
Receive eBook bundle (PDF/MOBI/ePub/Lit) of any titles we complete and release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $10.00 or more per Chapter
A custom 100-200 word drabble based on either an original concept or within our realm of fanfiction preferences each month you’re our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $20.00 or more per Chapter
Receive a print book (shipped free in the US) of any title we release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Our next tidbit we’ll be offering this week to paid patrons is the outline for Scars of the Deep as well as the first chapter to one of the three novels. We plan to put out 1-2 chapters (or short story) per month, so come support us!

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