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Gideon/Aubrey Log : Support Us on Patreon :D

April 17, 2015
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My goals for next week will be to write the second chapter to the second Other Side of Night book. We also have been working on a log for our Patreon patrons starring Gideon and Aubrey from one of our short stories in Love & Agony. A hot little BDSM bit between a vampire and a werecat. Love it! I’ll tease you with a bit here, but if you want to read it all–and anything else we do like this–you’ll have to become one of our patrons. 😀


Ronan: *storms into Gideon’s office in the compound, glaring, the wolf barely contained* Did you really choose that bottom-dwelling cat as your Favorite over my Beta?

Gideon: *raises an eyebrow, not even a hair disturbed from its place as he slowly moves his gaze from his computer screen. It was only a matter of time before Ronan appeared in his haze of Alpha wolf-musk and feral rage.* Yes. *confirms simply* I did. It is my right to choose of the therians which will be my Favorite, and Aubrey has been chosen.

Ronan: And you insult Marissa by overlooking the wolves.

Gideon: If Marissa is insulted, that is not my problem to deal with. *says flatly*

Ronan: Those cats exist because of me. Because I told Lydia not to destroy them. If a Favorite was to be chosen, it should have been from my pack!

Gideon: It’s true, thirty-three cats owe you their lives. They owe you their gratitude. *his blue eyes narrow with quiet menace* I, however, owe you nothing. Do not confuse me with the brood, Ronan.

Ronan: *slams his hand down on Gideon’s desk, growling* You had no right.

Gideon: *stands, letting his height work for him with those feral instincts. Taller and larger means more powerful to the damn mutts, and he’s definitely both* I had every right. Take care how you address me, pup. It is the vampires who run Denver. You dogs only roam it because our Mistress wishes it.

Ronan: *snarls, glaring up at Gideon, but he looks away first, stalking out the door just as Aubrey enters. He’s tempted to gnash his teeth at the cat, but he holds his temper. The last thing he needs is to go toe-to-toe with Lydia’s Second*

Aubrey: *watches Ronan stalk down the hall, frowning. The scent permeating the room was of anger, the slight ozone-like tang making the cat crawl under his skin* Ronan’s pissed. *says simply, eyes sliding back to Gideon*

Gideon: *his own anger dies a swift and rather painless death when Aubrey draws closer with tentative steps* Ronan should check himself. An Alpha wolf should be many things, but petty and indignant are not among them. *raises his hand in welcome* No need to worry. His mood will pass, and if it does not, he’ll be dealt with. *humbled. His lips might twitch with the tiniest bit of anticipation at that. He’d actually enjoy seeing Ronan on the receiving end of Lydia’s wrath for once. The two tended to be annoyingly in sync with one another, aligned in their opinions if not their applications. But Lydia did not tolerate being challenged*

Aubrey: *is instantly at Gideon’s side, nuzzling his hand* I smell of Morgan. *admits; he’d just spent the better part of the evening listening to Morgan read him one of his favorite romance novels. Morgan thought them silly, but always indulged him*

Gideon: You’re exceptionally warm. *it stirs his thirst just touching Aubrey’s cheek. The therians ran warm to begin with, but he’d never met someone quite like Aubrey. This cat enjoyed physical contact more than most* I take it you curled up with him? *he doesn’t care for Morgan–hates the ancient vampire, in fact–but Aubrey had taken a shine to him, and… well… they had called a truce, for Aubrey’s sake.*

Aubrey: *words trill with his purr* Yes. He read to me. He also had strawberries. *his absolute favorite, even if he was a cat*

Gideon: *perks* Oh, did he? I should sample some, I think. *draws Aubrey up toward his lips for a kiss*


We’ll be putting the finished log up for late-coming patrons so they can enjoy it, but current patrons are given a Google Doc link to watch us as we write it. There’s even a chat ability so patrons can ask us questions and chat us up!

Patrons of ours over at Patreon get some fun perks aside from just getting to read the stories as we write them. Here are just the first four tiers:

Pledge $1.00 or more per Chapter
A chance to vote in a poll for what log scene S.L. and K. will do next for live session in Google Drive. Plus, weekly invitation to watch a Google Drive of S.L. and K. writing a log scene. These could be erotic in nature or completely innocent. We will let you know when we send out the invitation.

Pledge $5.00 or more per Chapter
Receive eBook bundle (PDF/MOBI/ePub/Lit) of any titles we complete and release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $10.00 or more per Chapter
A custom 100-200 word drabble based on either an original concept or within our realm of fanfiction preferences each month you’re our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $20.00 or more per Chapter
Receive a print book (shipped free in the US) of any title we release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Our next tidbit we’ll be offering in a week or so to paid patrons is the outline for Other Side of Night: Noah & Grey. ;D We plan to put out 1-2 chapters (or short story) per month, so come support us!

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