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Rowyn/Brom Log : Support Us on Patreon :D

April 20, 2015
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Our first log between Gideon and Aubrey was completed, formatted, and uploaded for our patrons who didn’t get to sit in on the writing. 🙂 Wound up 10 pages in length (4,211 words) and plenty sexy. How can it not be sexy between a vampire and his submissive Favorite? ;D So, if you want to read that, you’ll need to head on over to Patreon and sign up as our patrons!

This week, we’re working on a log in the World of Egaea. It stars King Rowyn, one of the joint kings of Reboa, the central city for the House of Fire, and his new husband Brom of the House of Shadow. The marriage was arranged, and neither had met the other prior to the wedding night. This log is their wedding night, so it’s full of sweetness, uncertainty, and cute awkwardness. You can only read it in full, though, if you’re our patron. But, I’ll still give you a little taste.


Rowyn: *swallows* We don’t have to do anything, if you’re not ready. But if you want to consummate the marriage right away… I’ll show you everything.

Brom: We should consummate it. *that’s what was done* Just… tell me what you want. *smiles*

Rowyn: *lets out a slow breath* What I want is to show you what pleasure is. We can tackle the rest later, but that’s the most important part, and it’ll be more than enough for us our first night. *shifts on his feet* Does that sound all right? *hates that it feels so awkward, that they’re going to share intimacy with all of these strings attached, not just because they met up, were attracted, and pursued the course of their mutual desires*

Brom: *his hands shake as the pull at the ties of his sleeping trousers, the silk pooling softly at his feet as he bares himself to Rowyn* Whatever you wish, husband. *whispers, his heart pounding*

Rowyn: *oh dear gods, this is not how he’d envisioned his wedding night, and he’ll have to talk to Brom about the way they’ll talk to one another, because he manages to be aroused by the sight and discomfited by Brom’s tone. He lets out a slow, measured breath and touches down Brom’s chest and over his abdomen and thigh, a gentle, exploratory caress* All I wish is for you to never fear me. Don’t fear my body. Don’t fear your inexperience. *smiles a little helplessly* And try not to fear the future. *words he’s repeated to himself quite a few times leading up to this*

Brom: *the touch hardens his nipples, leaves goosebumps in its wake, and his breath catches for a moment* I’ll try. *promises, and the way Rowyn looks in the candlelight… shadows and flame and such beautiful, deep crimson eyes… Rowyn was living flame to him in that moment, and he can’t help but moan when those fingers slide up his thigh again*

Rowyn: *lets out a trembling breath, laughing softly, relieved that Brom responds to his touch* Does my touch excite you? *asks warmly, touching over and over, familiarizing himself with Brom’s broad but compact form. So unique for a Shadow Elf. Most of them were stocky, very thickly built, but Brom is more trim. He isn’t sure whether being aroused by that is a good thing or would be insulting. Had Brom been chosen to cater toward his desires? It’s disturbing to think that, but he doesn’t doubt it had come up at some point. The advisors were thorough, if nothing else.*

Brom: *shudders, uncertain* Yes. *whispers, his cock beginning to stir* It’s… different… than touching myself. *wets his lips* Should I… undress you?

Rowyn: Please do. *moans softly* You can… unbraid my hair, too, if you want.

Brom: *nods* All right. *his hands are unsteady, but he tries to ignore that. His hands unfasten the ties of Rowyn’s shirt, thankful the Fire Elf had dressed simply. He sets the shirt over a nearby chair, and then crouches down to work the fastening of Rowyn’s trousers, shivering as he feels the hard ridge of Rowyn under the fabric*


That log should be up in on Patreon this week, but current patrons can get an invite to the document to read it as it’s written. 😀 But, you have to be our patron to gain access!

Patrons of ours over at Patreon get some fun perks aside from just getting to read the stories as we write them. Here are just the first four tiers:

Pledge $1.00 or more per Chapter
A chance to vote in a poll for what log scene S.L. and K. will do next for live session in Google Drive. Plus, weekly invitation to watch a Google Drive of S.L. and K. writing a log scene. These could be erotic in nature or completely innocent. We will let you know when we send out the invitation.

Pledge $5.00 or more per Chapter
Receive eBook bundle (PDF/MOBI/ePub/Lit) of any titles we complete and release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $10.00 or more per Chapter
A custom 100-200 word drabble based on either an original concept or within our realm of fanfiction preferences each month you’re our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $20.00 or more per Chapter
Receive a print book (shipped free in the US) of any title we release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.
The first chapter of There’s No Escape was released on Patreon for patrons, so don’t miss out!

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