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Ronan/Moon Patreon Log #5: Support Us on Patreon :D

May 18, 2015
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The logs are starting to stack up! This is our fifth scene log, and it takes our readers back to the House of Cards world (the world our Gideon/Aubrey logs came from). This time, though, it’s a sexually tense meeting between Ronan–the werewolf Alpha of the city’s pack–and Moon (who is the personification of the tarot card The Moon). It’s a sweet meeting between them, one that’s sexually charged, but Ronan manages–just barely!–to resist Moon’s charms (innocent though they are).

This is a straight log. Ronan is male and relatively bisexual, and Moon is female and very much an anything goes sort of living personification. XD The log is 13 pages (5,717 words) long and contains three ‘scenes’. Here’s a taste!


Moon: *is sitting on the boulder next to Ronan’s cabin in the wolf pack’s private compound. She knows there have been rumblings of discord because Gideon didn’t choose a wolf, and that Ronan wasn’t helping matters, taking it personally himself. So, she waits for the wolf, barefoot in her white dress, her unnatural green eyes practically glowing in the twilight of the day*

Ronan: *he’s livid, and he has been for days. It’s not doing anything for his digestive tract. His stomach has been growling nearly as much as he has been himself. He grumbles as he stalks through the compound toward his cabin, the other wolves leaving him a wide berth. He stops short when he sees Moon there, and his slightly hunched back straightens* You…

Moon: *smiles sweetly at him* Growly. Teeth and claws and harsh words. Always about being the best, being the one on top. *slides off the boulder, her bare feet silent on the ground as she moves toward him, a glow about her much like the light halo around the moon itself* It should be about joy. Should be about the pink laughter. *she stops in front of him, looking up* It should be about wool socks and a sweetheart’s kiss and warm honey.

Ronan: *she speaks such nonsense, but it makes him half-smile despite his dark mood* Those things are nice, but it isn’t that simple. Being on top means comforts like warm honey and wool socks. We don’t get such things without having the favor of the vampires. And we don’t curry favor with them by being weak. *scowls* Unless you happen to be a useless omega-cat, apparently.

Moon: *gives him an Unhappy Look* Aubrey is not useless. His strength is deep, wide. What he can offer Gideon is something none of your wolves could have.

Ronan: *even in the face of said Unhappy Look, he growls* My wolves could offer anything. They’re a diverse bunch. The only thing they don’t have is feline blood in them. *and who would choose a damn cat over a dog anyway? He almost pouts at the thought*

Moon: *now she crosses her arms as she continues the Unhappy Look* None of your wolves love Gideon. Love is important! *pokes his chest* You’d know that if you bothered to feel the squishy, pink feelings.

Ronan: *a tiny oomph of breath escapes him at the poke, and it’s like a hole being poked in the stem of a balloon. He deflates under the weight of that Unhappy Look. He rubs his chest* I don’t need squishy, pink feelings. They just… complicate everything. I’d be much worse off if I felt something deep for someone like Lydia. *gods help him if he ever fell for a vampire! He relaxes a little* Why are you here, exactly? *asks with less force* Just to chastise me for my bad mood?

Moon: You’re my wolf. *smiles then* I have to look after you when you’re thrumming all dark and swirly in my head.

Ronan: *smiles a little more* I thought the only head I swirled in was Lydia’s. She’s not overly fond of it, either. *it’s a bonding of convenience and power for both of them. A mutual agreement to the benefit of both. They have synergy, if nothing else.* Maybe I fare better in your head than in hers?

Moon: Your dark clouds annoy her. They call me.


That log is now available on Patreon for any of our patrons to read in full. 😀

Patrons of ours over at Patreon get some fun perks aside from just getting to read the stories as we write them. Here are just the first four tiers:

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Pledge $5.00 or more per Chapter
Receive eBook bundle (PDF/MOBI/ePub/Lit) of any titles we complete and release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

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The first chapter of There’s No Escape was released on Patreon for patrons, so don’t miss out!

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