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Let’s Get Personal: Health Update

May 27, 2015

Oi. Last night was… bah.

Husband-thing began have intense abdominal pains with an inability to urinate around 11pm. He tried drinking water and a hot bath to see if he could loosen things up. At 2:30am, he said he had to go to the hospital. I’d taken my evening meds, which includes Ambien and Seroquel and narcotics for pain… no way I could have possibly taken him. So, I texted my boi in her room and asked if she could take him to St. Joe’s South up the street… and instantly, she’s in control. Gets him up there and into a room ASAP. And I trust him with her, just as I trust her with him. I got frequent text updates from my boi, and she was determined he not be in pain (his pain level was a 10). When the nurse said she’d get him an NSAID, Kris put her foot down and said no, he needed something stronger. They wound up giving him Dilaudid, an NSAID, and something for the nausea.

Around 6:30-7am, my boi came home with the husband-thing.

He had a 1.3 millimeter kidney stone on his right and another stone on his left that hadn’t caused trouble yet. My boi filled his prescriptions and brought them home with some apple juice for the husband-thing to take the pills with. Husband-thing’s pain level has gone way down from the 10 it was at 2am. In fact, after rest, juice, and meds, he felt well enough to go into work to work the rest of the day (from 1pm until 6pm). I felt so bad for him this morning, but I’m so glad he’s feeling better. It was a panic moment since husband-thing NEVER says he has to go to the hospital.

As for me… I have my appointment on Friday with my pain management doctor. Because I’ve suddenly begun seeing auras and having these silent migraines full of all other migraine symptoms since beginning the Remicade infusions, my rheumatologist wants me to talk to him about them (since he’s a neurologist and one of the best in the area she said). I also want to see if he’ll skip the Tylenol 3 and Vicodin (the former makes me nauseated and the latter doesn’t help my break-through pain) and put me on Percocet (which I’ve always tolerated a hell of a lot better than the other narcotic pain relievers). I just know Percocet is harder to prescribe in Florida due to its popularity for abuse. I also get the test results back about how fast I metabolize medication on Friday, too, which I think will be a wonderful insight for ALL my doctors.

I called my psychiatrist today because my Concerta just isn’t helping. Everything is a lot worse since upping my Seroquel. I’m worried there won’t be much for me to try. I’ve tried only two so far: NuVigil and Concerta. The Concerta worked so well before I went on the immunosuppressants, but now it doesn’t do anything. Trying to leave him a message about the medication, though, was a pain in the ass. *sighs* Should be able to talk to him about the med change tomorrow.

I also got my most recent blood work for the rheumatologist back and am happy to report that my inflammation rates have continually decreased since February. They’re still high, but lower than before the methotrexate and Remicade. It started out as 2.6mg/L and is now 1.5mg/L. 😀 Goal is to get under 0.80mg/L. My fasting glucose levels have also improved. In August, it was 142. Now it’s 124. Also still a little higher than wanted (ideal is under 100), but a vast improvement. I still can’t shake my high white blood cell count and high red blood cell count, though. They’ve stayed high for a while now. My SED Rate, though, has improved quite a bit. It was 60 when I began the methotrexate, and now it’s 18, back in the normal range. Very excited about that.

I’m just still exhausted all the time, my brain in a fog when I’m awake, and I sleep excessively (like 15+ hours a day). Every time I call a doctor to begin shifting around medications, I feel like Diana in Next to Normal: “Not a very exact science, is it?

So, yeah. Bit of a health update!

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