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“Gross Indecency : An Otherworld Novel” Chapter Two : Support Us on Patreon :D

August 19, 2015
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Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel in-progress novel K. and S.L. are working on starring some sexy Fae exiled to London. It’s a smutty romp, pure erotic fun with no real plot. It will be about 100,000 words when complete, and the first 9 chapters are written, and we’re sharing those as we write the remaining chapters. We will release one new chapter of it each month for our patrons! I’ll give a teaser here from the second chapter (which is now available in full PDF format for our Patreon patrons):


“What is or isn’t deserved won’t be debated tonight,” Malachite said, turning to face Rime. He’d always hated that Rime was even a fraction of an inch taller than himself. “You and I will be having a much different discussion.” His voice carried a hint of cold malice to it, and something flickered in the stormy, gray eyes. “Wet yourself so I can clean you thoroughly.”

The tone of Malachite’s voice unsettled Rime. Though he wasn’t frightened by what he heard, he knew instinctively that his time apart from Malachite, and his time in jail, was to be the least of his punishments. Rime doused himself with the hot water, knowing there was no escape from whatever penance Malachite demanded of him.

As soon as Rime stepped from the water, Malachite roughly handled him, facing Rime away from him. Within moments, thick suds bubbled in Rime’s impossibly long hair, the white almost obscuring the gentle blue. The room was soon scented with spices, warm and soothing, unlike the hands that combed through Rime’s hair. Malachite used a detachable head to rinse the hair, and then slicked it with conditioner. Rime’s hair was a vanity they both indulged in, and even in his anger, Malachite didn’t mistreat the cascade of summer sky he’d lovingly tended to for so many years.

Malachite had worded his order specifically, and he was pleased Rime followed it. He stood there, unmoving, as Malachite wove a wet braid of his hair so that it wouldn’t tangle. When he was through, Malachite soaped up his hands. He used an abundance of soap, scrubbing Rime’s back, arms, and chest, and then dropped to his knees to wash Rime’s legs, front and back. He added more soap to his hands and, in a low, gruff voice, he said, “Bend over and spread your legs, hands on the seat, and don’t move.”

Without a word, Rime obeyed, turning to the side and bending over with his hands braced against one of the shower’s stone seats. His breath had sped the moment Malachite’s hands had touched his skin, and he closed his eyes as he bowed his head between his arms. There was tension, and it sang in the air between them, a melody Rime could easily hear in their breaths, their heartbeats.

Malachite soaped Rime’s groin, his fingers tugging harshly at the hardening cock nestled there. Perhaps he spent longer than needed fondling and cleaning Rime’s dick, and perhaps he didn’t. His hand then moved to the soft, vulnerable sac beneath, pulling and scrubbing with hard fingers.
There was no mistaking Malachite’s mood; it rang clear in his tone, his expression, and his touch.

His fingers drew up Rime’s perineum, his touch slippery with soap, and with excruciating slowness, he circled the hole between Rime’s ass cheeks. “Don’t clench,” he warned, and it was the only warning given before two soapy fingers slid ruthlessly into the confines of Rime’s body.

Rime didn’t clench as he was penetrated, just as ordered. Instead, he forced all his tension into his harsh breathing. In and out. In and out. He could endure. He would endure. Whatever Malachite offered, he’d take. If this was the prelude… His fingers twitched against the stone, and he moaned as he held on as tightly as he could.


Patrons of ours over at Patreon get some fun perks aside from just getting to read the stories as we write them. Here are just the first four tiers:

Pledge $1.00 or more per Chapter
A chance to vote in a poll for what log scene S.L. and K. will do next for live session in Google Drive. Plus, weekly invitation to watch a Google Drive of S.L. and K. writing a log scene. These could be erotic in nature or completely innocent. We will let you know when we send out the invitation.

Pledge $5.00 or more per Chapter
Receive eBook bundle (PDF/MOBI/ePub/Lit) of any titles we complete and release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $10.00 or more per Chapter
A custom 100-200 word drabble based on either an original concept or within our realm of fanfiction preferences each month you’re our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $20.00 or more per Chapter
Receive a print book (shipped free in the US) of any title we release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

There are also several logs of fiction K. and I have written that all patrons can access, so come and support us and our fiction!

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