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“Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel” Chapter Three

January 29, 2016

Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel will eventually be edited and put on sale, but for now, I figured as we worked on it, we would also release the chapters for free. 🙂 Call it an experiment. One chapter a month will be put out here, Tumblr, and a couple of other outlets. However, if you support us on Patreon, you get to see the chapter a week or two before it become publicly available. So… support us! 😀 You get lots of fun bits and bobs in addition to fiction.

Right now, Gross Indecency is 128 pages (42,583 words) long, and that’s not even half of the planned novel. 😉 It’s a kinky romp with exiled faeries, so anything goes.


London, England, 2015

Rime slowly walked down the aisles of the small market. It was a few blocks from the building that housed the flat he shared with Malachite, along with the flats of the other exiled Fae. It had been three days since he’d been released from jail. Three days of erotic pain and heartbreaking tenderness. Malachite had tended him in comfortable silence, though there was not a single moment in which Rime had not wordlessly expressed his joy through their bond. Rime’s throat and jaw had finally recovered from their treatment that first night. His welts had healed, and his backside was still a little tender. He smiled to himself as he sorted through small baskets of imported berries.

A deep, amused chuckle sounded from behind him. “I see you’ve emerged,” Whirlwind said, nosing the side of Rime’s throat affectionately. “You are looking particularly well, old friend.”

Rime’s smile broadened and a happy sigh escaped his throat. His voice was soft and a little rough from lack of use. “I’m well,” he confirmed, leaning back against the tall blond, “and well used. He’s back. I couldn’t ask for more.” His hands continued sorting until he had a wide array of fruit in his selection tray.

Whirlwind slid his arms around Rime’s waist. “Has he returned or is he merely visiting? Have you made peace with one another?”

“Aye, we have. He has returned… and forgiven me. There’s a new side of Mal, demanding and self-assured, that I think he’d been afraid of showing before.” Rime sighed thoughtfully. “I think many things are changing, and I find myself loving him all the more for coming back, for taking exactly what he wants from me.” He laughed. “For having the nerve to literally knock sense into me.”

“He was afraid,” Whirlwind said as they walked to the case of cheeses. “That was clear to the rest of us.” He picked up a soft brie, staring at it with a slight frown. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know that. It was there to be read in his eyes every time they looked at you.” He paused, and then added, “Which is quite often.”

“I knew,” Rime murmured, “and I did try to remedy his fears at first, but after a couple hundred years, I gave up. There was little I could do, but I’d hoped something would happen to bring about the change he needed.” He added camembert and chimay trappiste to another basket, handing it to Whirlwind to carry. “Typical that such a change comes only when I fuck up. I think there’s a pattern emerging.” Chevre and chaource joined the other cheeses in the basket.

Whirlwind raised an elegant eyebrow. “Emerging? Rime, it’s well-established.” He looked over the contents of the two baskets and snorted. “Are you planning on hosting a gathering of some kind to welcome him home?”

Rime grinned. “A gathering for two, with plenty more for seconds, thirds…” He winked. “You get the idea.”

“Now you serve him?” Whirlwind asked. “Has the relationship changed that much? I’m not certain I’ll become used to the idea of you scraping and bowing to please him.”

Rime laughed, though the sound quickly became an uncomfortable cough. “Hardly! I’m just going to surprise him.” He looked knowingly at Whirlwind, a pale eyebrow raised. “Honestly, Whirlwind. Don’t you ever do anything nice for Cloud simply to make him happy?”

Whirlwind blinked as he stared at Rime. “I… no?”

Rising up on his toes, Rime pressed an affectionate kiss to Whirlwind’s cheek. “Try it sometime, Whirlwind.”


The flat was silent except for the soft ticking of a clock. On the oversized, wide sofa, Malachite lay on his side, eyes closed in sleep. The fat, ginger tabby, Tûg, was curled in the crook of his arm while Alessa and Fausto snuggled around his feet. The tiger tabby Rime insisted on naming Duncan kneaded Malachite’s belly in his sleep, and his sister, Devon, had draped herself across her master’s hip. It was a warm, peaceful sight, the noble Aes Sídhe protected by his loyal cats, and it was the first times in years Malachite slept without nightmares. His face lost its sharpness, centuries of regret and anger melting away. Malachite sighed softly as he shifted in his sleep, the cats instantly adjusting their positions to accommodate their master’s movements, and then stillness settled over the room once more.

Rime entered the flat silently, reaching out with his mind to find Malachite’s lulled quiet with sleep. The lights were turned low and, with the majority of the curtains pulled shut against the dreary chill of the afternoon, he knew Malachite wasn’t up and about. Stopping in the kitchen, he plated the berries and cheeses he’d bought, letting the cheese sit out to warm up. Smiling at his handiwork, Rime fixed himself a cup of tea and padded into the main room, spotting Malachite on the sofa with their cats.

It was quite an endearing sight, Malachite surrounded by the five felines, and Rime sat in a chair opposite the sofa. His eyes took in the scene with adoration. Malachite looked at peace, comfortable in a way Rime had missed seeing. He sipped his cup of tea, watching his bondmate, and for long moments, his eyes wandered along the features he had so admired over the centuries. Each time one of the cats would shift, repositioning before purring against Malachite’s relaxed body, Rime couldn’t help but smile.

Through the haze of comfortable slumber, Malachite sensed Rime’s gaze. His eyes fluttered open slowly, and then focused on Rime, though sleep continued to cloud the stormy depths. “There is room for one more,” he murmured thickly, lifting his arm invitingly. Come rest with your family. We’ve missed you. He didn’t ask where Rime had been, and he didn’t worry about his brief absence. Malachite no longer had reason to fear when Rime disappeared, and there was great freedom in that knowledge.

Rime finished his cup of tea in one swallow, and then set it aside before he moved to the sofa. When Rime slid in next to Malachite, Tûg meowed sleepily, stretching before slowly walking around Rime and curling up at the small of his back. A loud, rolling purr floated up from the ginger tabby as he moved his head back and forth over the pastel curtain of his master’s hair. Rime chuckled as he rested his head on Malachite’s outstretched arm. I missed you too, Mal. “I love you,” he whispered, giving Malachite’s lips a brief kiss.

Malachite wrapped his free arm around Rime, his fingers brushing against Tûg’s ears. “Love you, too,” he breathed, dreams claiming him fully once more.

They slept for several hours, unmoving in the haze of late afternoon. It was pleasant and familiar, an indulgence they couldn’t deny themselves. And why should they? It was Tûg who finally broke the stillness, stretching before hopping down from the couch in search of food. The loud thump on the wood floor signaled a shift in Rime’s weight. He slumped closer to Malachite, and the soft nudge disturbed the rest of the cats, who soon followed Tûg’s example.

Malachite’s eyes gradually opened, and he smiled lazily. Rime’s lips were too temptingly close for Malachite to resist. The kiss was gentle, a teasing of lips and tongue. His fingers trailed over Rime’s waist, along his hip, and came to rest on the swell of his ass. He pressed himself even closer, lightly rubbing himself against Rime.

Rime’s eyes remained closed as his tongue unconsciously responded to Malachite’s in a series of small licks. He purred at their closeness, warmth seeping through every pore, even as he remained half asleep.

Malachite chuckled while his hand massaged a buttock, and he nipped playfully at Rime’s lower lip. “You are such a cat,” he whispered. “Should I pour you a bowl of cream and fetch the catnip?” The only response he received from Rime was a louder purr, and Malachite laughed. “I must find you ears and a tail, beloved, and perhaps a collar with a little bell.”

He rolled Rime onto his back and settled above him, brushing away clinging strands of sky blue hair. “You… are so beautiful,” he said, eyes searching Rime’s face. Malachite thrust against Rime’s groin and descended upon his neck, suckling at the pulse just under Rime’s jaw.

A small gasp passed between Rime’s lips, and he suddenly felt much more awake, shifting beneath Malachite as arousal coursed hotly through him. His hands smoothed up Malachite’s arms, traveling up until his fingers caressed through midnight-and-blood hair, and then against delicately pointed ears. “Hungry?” he asked with a moan.

“Very,” Malachite groaned, breath hot against Rime’s throat. His hand slid between them and began to pull at the snaps of Rime’s trousers.

Rime chuckled, his hand meeting Malachite’s and stilling it half-heartedly. “Wait, Mal,” he breathed with a brilliant smile. “I have a surprise for you.”

Malachite’s head drooped against Rime’s shoulder as he sighed. “It had best be a new flavor of lube…”

“Don’t sound so disappointed,” Rime said, kissing Malachite briefly before wiggling out from under him. He rushed to the kitchen and reappeared an instant later, carrying the two platters of berries and cheese. Setting them on the coffee table, he smiled down at Malachite and pulling his shirt over his head.

“How can I not sound disappointed?” Malachite said into the sofa pillow. “I was looking forward to fucking you senseless, and then you tell me to wait.” He sat up, gaze drawn to the table. His favorite cheeses were proudly displayed, along with his preferred berries. Malachite glanced from the table to Rime and back again. “Is… is this why you left this morning?”

Rime nodded. “Yes. We didn’t have any of your favorites in the flat, so I had to go to the market.” He leaned down, kissing Malachite again, unable to keep from Malachite’s lips. “It’s not flavored lube, but you can still enjoy it and fuck me senseless in the process if you like.”

A shudder ran down Malachite’s spine, and his eyes darkened at the words murmured against his lips. From the images fluttering through Rime’s mind, Malachite knew exactly what he meant. “Your trousers. Remove them,” he ordered, his voice husky. “Then lay on the carpet on your back.”

Grinning broadly, Rime stripped and took his position on the rug covering the floor next to the coffee table. His hair fanned up around his head, and he let his arms fall up, the fingers of one hand twirling a lock absently. I have a feeling you’re about to ravish me.

Thoroughly. Malachite chose to begin with the brie, popping a small piece of the soft cheese into his mouth. His eyes raked over Rime’s nude form, hungrily pausing at Rime’s cock. He smirked, taking another piece of the cheese between his fingers. Biting his lip, Malachite smeared the ripe cheese from the base of Rime’s cock to the tip. He sucked the remaining cheese from his fingers, and then chose a strawberry, quickly returning to Rime. “Shall I begin to dine upon my lovely lunch?” he asked, glittering gaze on Rime’s cheese-smeared cock.

“Bon appétit,” Rime breathed.

Malachite’s mouth engulfed Rime’s shaft, tongue swiping back and forth as he slowly lifted up. The sharp taste of the cheese mingled perfectly with the slight saltiness of Rime, and Malachite moaned as he let Rime slip from between his lips. “Delicious,” he whispered, smiling wickedly as he bit into the plump berry.

Rime moaned as pleasure rippled through his senses. “I’m glad it pleases you,” he said with a laugh.

Eying the other cheeses, Malachite made his choices, placing bits of cheese along Rime’s body, from nipples to cock. With an evil smile, he swiped the clotted cream across the sensitive flesh between Rime’s navel and groin, and then placed a blackberry in the indent of his belly. “A true feast,” he admired. He held a raspberry out for Rime to clasp between his lips. “I think I’ll start with a sweet kiss.”

Rime took the berry between his lips, holding it lightly with his teeth. Malachite took Rime’s mouth in a possessive kiss, trapping the berry between his tongue and Rime’s teeth, bursting the fruit and sharing the tart juice. He lapped at Rime’s raspberry flavored tongue, reluctant to part from Rime’s mouth. Perfect, his mind whispered to Rime’s.

Rime forced himself to stay flat on the carpet so as not to disturb the numerous cheeses coating his torso. Cupping the back of Malachite’s neck, he deepened their kiss. He adored the subtle taste of Malachite beneath the tang of the berry. It was intensely arousing, and he moaned wantonly into Malachite’s mouth.

I’ve missed those notes. Cries of pain had been the only music played for Malachite’s ears since his return, and Malachite craved the beauty of their loving duets. Painfully erect, face flushed, Malachite left Rime’s lips, capturing a chevre-coated nipple. He eagerly sucked at the flesh, teeth tugging and gently gnawing until he felt Rime’s pulse throb under the reddened skin. Only then did he abandon one nipple in favor of the other, tormenting it just as thoroughly, tasting the pleasant combination of cheese and Rime.

“Bloody hell, Mal!” Rime exclaimed, blood rushing in a pounding rhythm beneath his skin. His pale skin gained a rosy flush as the pleasure of Malachite’s mouth wrung out a flurry of throaty sounds from him. Yet, through it all, a bright smile remained on his lips, and each sound was wrapped with joyful laughter.

Malachite worked his way down Rime’s body, paying loving attention to each cheese-kissed plane of his lover’s torso. He left passion marks over pale, flushed skin, and his need rose with each swipe of his tongue. By the time Malachite reached the clotted cream, his breath came in a staccato rhythm, and he took his time dragging his tongue through the buttery cream.

Rime’s cry came out as more of a high-pitched whimper, and he squirmed. That spot! Such a weakness of his. Unable to keep his hands still, he reached for Malachite’s scalp once again, his fingers teasing the points of Malachite’s ears with pinching strokes and gentle twists.

“My meal… is distracting me,” Malachite panted, trying desperately to ignore the insistent throb between his legs. He cleaned the cream from Rime’s lower stomach, and then delved into his navel, sucking the berry from the indent and slicking it with his tongue. “I must remember to… bind my platter next time…”

“I can’t help it!” Rime cried. His skin tingled with a pleasure that forced his back to arch, pushing his navel into Malachite’s mouth. “Gods, you’re so handsome… flushed, with… eyes like the stormy sky.” He couldn’t rip his eyes away from Malachite’s; the gray depths seemed to pull at him.

Malachite’s heart swelled, and he didn’t look away from Rime’s gaze as he licked up his shaft. The taste of Rime’s early passions mixed with the sweet tasting cheese and enticed him to forgo extended foreplay and take him deep into his throat. Malachite’s hair fell into his face, the gentle curls of his shoulder-length black and red hair obscuring his face, cutting him off from all stimuli but the hard, slippery shaft between his lips and the hands on his scalp.

Rime’s fingers tightened in Malachite’s hair as he gasped, releasing the harsh breath in a shaky moan. Malachite knew exactly how to bring him to unbelievable heights of pleasure, and Rime could do little more than squirm and whine as Malachite expertly worked his needy flesh. It took only moments for his voice to take on an urgent tremor. “Malachite…”

Come for me, Malachite whispered into Rime’s fevered mind. I want to taste you. I need to taste you! He sped his movements, his tongue pressing firmly, lips sealed slickly around the thick shaft. With amazing talent, Malachite took him again and again into his relaxed throat. It had been over two years since he’d last tasted Rime’s climax, had drowned in the delightful bitterness of Rime’s seed. Greedily, he milked Rime’s sex, determined to have his throat flooded with Rime’s passions.

Rime’s reaction was immediate, and he cried out harshly as his climax ripped through him. His seed spilled deep in Malachite’s throat, thick ribbons coating the mouth that continued to work him even after he collapsed against the floor with a thud. His hands fell away from Malachite’s hair, and he trembled in the aftermath, gasping for breath.

Malachite savored every drop offered up to him, lips squeezing the final taste from the tip of Rime’s cock before he finally released him. Arms braced on either side of Rime’s hips, Malachite took in great gasping breaths, dark eyes focused entirely on Rime. He was achingly close to simply coming in his trousers. “Rime,” he growled, starting to move up Rime’s supine body.

Rime shuddered at the glorious sounds that vibrated from Malachite’s throat, and the moment he could grasp him, he bucked and flipped their positions so Malachite was sprawled on his back. “Don’t you dare,” he panted, sensing how close Malachite was to release. “Not yet.” Even as he made the demand, Rime shoved Malachite’s sleeping trousers down his hips and, without preamble, swallowed him whole. With long-practiced movements, he clenched and sucked, rose and fell upon his mate in an unrelenting rhythm.

“Rime!” Malachite cried, his thigh muscles tensing as he thrust into the heat of Rime’s mouth. “Rime… Ri— I’m clo—!” His head smacked the floor when his body convulsed, fingers tangled in Rime’s hair. He held Rime in place over his groin while he trembled with release, his shouts of pleasure perfectly held notes that hovered in the air even as his lips fell silent. After a prolonged moment of tension, Malachite sank back into the plush rug, drawing deep breaths into his air-starved lungs. Too long… it had been too long since he’d been pleasured like that, and the sensitivity of his softening cock caused him to whimper each time Rime’s tongue touched him.

It was perfect, a memory made manifest, and Rime shivered with a lyrical groan as he tasted his lover for the first time in two years. His ears took in every nuance of Malachite’s pleasure, each note rolling through his mind like a beautiful symphony. He rolled Malachite’s come over his tongue, relishing the bitter saltiness before swallowing. Malachite had always had a moonlit, slightly green undertone that lasted in Rime’s senses long after his passion was spent. He’d always assumed it was the essence of the Lunar Fae. Rime lingered at Malachite’s sex for several minutes, gently milking every drop from the pulsing, sensitive flesh. You taste divine.

Words would not form on Malachite’s tongue. Besides, thought was easier than speech. You would know. Malachite thought if any in all the worlds had supped at the cup of the divine, it would have been Rime, though he’d never ask. Oh, I’ve missed that!

Gods, so have I! Rime’s mindvoice flowed soothingly through Malachite’s mind, and he finally lifted off Malachite’s soft cock. He sighed happily, nuzzling against Malachite’s hip lovingly as his lips pressed soft kisses to a faded scar along Malachite’s side.

Malachite sucked in a sharp breath, the flesh pricking where Rime’s lips caressed. We should take… every… opportunity to indulge, I believe. His back arched slightly off the floor, encouraging Rime’s exploration. To the right, love, please… Malachite’s voice in Rime’s head was breathless, the golden shades deepening to liquid amber. I think I crave seconds…



The next chapter will be available on Patreon February 26th, so if you want to read that as soon as it’s available, come support us! 😀 You can support us for as little as $1 a chapter while also getting free, exclusive access to scene logs, Q&As, art reveals, and so much more.

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