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“Gross Indecency : An Otherworld Novel” Chapter Five : Support Us on Patreon :D

February 29, 2016
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Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel in-progress novel K. and S.L. are working on starring some sexy Fae exiled to London. It’s a smutty romp, pure erotic fun with no real plot. It will be about 100,000 words when complete, and the first 11 chapters are written, and we’re sharing those as we write the remaining chapters. We will release one new chapter of it each month for our patrons! I’ll give a teaser here from the fifth chapter (which is now available in full PDF format for our Patreon patrons):


The stillness of the night was stifling and oppressive. It was unnaturally dark, and, even with the thick canopy blotting out what little light was reflected by the clouds high above in the midnight sky, Rime could tell the difference as he sat next to his lover’s sickbed. He had not slept for days, and a small platter of food lay abandoned nearby, untouched. He was exhausted, and his fingers ached though he resolutely continued to pluck the strings of his harp.

It all happened too quickly. In a sudden seizure, Malachite thrashed next to him, his arms flailing. At Rime’s startled call, a healer appeared and shouted commands that were hastily followed. The silence of the night was broken as other healers came to their aid and worked to subdue the wounded, feverish Malachite.

Then, in a startling moment, Malachite’s struggling ceased completely, and he fell limp to the bed sheets. Sheets that were soaked with sweat and stained with blood that seeped from reopened wounds. The room was silent for an instant and all seemed to stand eerily still, but a heartbeat later, the clamor continued. Rime panicked, and arms pulled him away from the scene as he tried to push forward, his eyes locked on the deathly still face of his lover.

No movement.

No breath whispered between blue-tinted lips.

No glimmer of gold on the edges of his consciousness.


Patrons of ours over at Patreon get some fun perks aside from just getting to read the stories as we write them. Here are just the first four tiers:

Pledge $1.00 or more per Chapter
A chance to vote in a poll for what log scene S.L. and K. will do next for live session in Google Drive. Plus, weekly invitation to watch a Google Drive of S.L. and K. writing a log scene. These could be erotic in nature or completely innocent. We will let you know when we send out the invitation.

Pledge $5.00 or more per Chapter
Receive eBook bundle (PDF/MOBI/ePub/Lit) of any titles we complete and release while you are our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

Pledge $10.00 or more per Chapter
A custom 100-200 word drabble based on either an original concept or within our realm of fanfiction preferences each month you’re our patron, plus any previous reward levels.

There are also several logs of fiction K. and I have written that all patrons can access, so come and support us and our fiction!

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