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“The Keeper” Coming August 9th

August 2, 2010

March 16, 2009, Kris and I completed the first draft of the novella The Keeper. It took us a couple of months, and the draft was rough. But it was done. That was the highlight of our month. The novella was complete.

It remained in its first draft stage until the beginning of 2010, when it went through a handful of rewrites. It went through two beta readers and an editor. We looked it over ourselves a final time. After a year and a half, The Keeper is finally being released to the world, and I think it’s about as perfect as it could be.

I’m very proud of the story. It doesn’t have a lot of sex, but it has tension and angst, the driving need of a lonely man given an opportunity to love and his choice of whether or not to give in to the man chosen to watch over him. It’s about need and love and compromise and destiny, and I am glad we wrote the story. It’s everything I hoped it would be, and all the people who have worked with us to bring it to life are forever in my heart.

It’s been a trip, though, and a bit of an expense. All totaled, this novella (releasing as an e-book only), cost us $650. Is that a lot? Is it too little? I don’t know. I know, for us, it was a chunk of change to invest in ourselves, but it was a wise investment, I think. Will we make that investment back? I hope so. Because we are publishing it ourselves, it will never go out of print. Eventually, I think the book will make back its initial costs.

Ultimately, I set out to tell a story, tell it well, and share it with the world. I think we’ve done that, and I can only hope the people who buy the book will be as engrossed in the tale as we were writing it.

The Keeper will be available from Storm Moon Press and for $2.99 on August 9th!

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